Comedian Asks New Yorkers to Fund Tucker Carlson’s Projects, Hilarity Ensues – Opinion

Few things can trigger Democrats more in this country than either mentioning former President Donald Trump’s name, speculating on whether or not the Supreme Court draft majority opinion on overturning Roe v. WadeThey will be able to remember that Tucker Carlson (Fox News) is by far the most popular host in the cable news rating battles. He has also won some Democrat converts.

It would seem that the Carlson hatred is particularly strong in rabidly-left-wing Democrat run cities such as New York. This was partly demonstrated in part by Senator. Majority Leader Chuck Schumer’s (D-N.Y.) letter to Fox News executives last Tuesday demanding they shush Carlson and his allegedly “racist” rantings in the aftermath of the horrific Buffalo grocery store mass shooting earlier this month that left 10 dead and three injured in what was a racially-motivated attack.

Toronto comedian Ryan Long, who currently calls NYC home and who has put out some hilarious videos in the past mocking the wokeism of the radical left among other topics he’s explored, recently conducted “man on the street” interviews with folks who lived there and asked them if they would contribute to Carlson’s upcoming projects and if not, why not?

Some of the answers were “inject into my veins”-type stuff, including the one agitated woman who threatened to call the police over Long’s question.

The video he took of the exchanges was posted to YouTube Sunday, where it’s already gotten 103,000-plus views and 2,000 comments and counting as of this writing.


As Democrats such as Schumer sought to blame Carlson for the Buffalo shootings, it was predictable that Carlson came under attack politically over the past two weeks. Carlson responded by making his critics even less childish and stupid than usual. He delivered a hilarious commentary that focused on how predictable and nauseatingly predictable the left is after tragedies like the Buffalo shootings. AbsolutlyThere is nothing more than keeping Schumer, a corrupt and stupid Democrat in power, for as long as possible.

“All race politics is bad, no matter what flavor it is. It’s poison,” he notedHis Monday broadcast, which he did following the shootings. “It subsumes the individual into the group. It dehumanizes people. It elevates appearance over initiative and decency, and all the other God-given qualities that make people unique yet morally equal to each other.”

Despite all the backlash from the usual corners, Carlson remains atop the leader board when it comes to his rivals at other “news” networks – including in the much-coveted 25-54 demographic:

Get it now that’sWhat crushing competition looks like. They hate him. 😉

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