Kaepernick To Provide Free Autopsies To Expose ‘Bias’

Colin Kaepernick is known for his creative and outlandish ways to combat the perceived social injustice war. However, this latest strategy is quite confusing.

The former quarterback turned activist is launching an initiative through his “Know Your Rights Camp” that will offer free autopsies to any family of someone who dies in prison or police custody that wants a secondary examination done. Autopsy Initiative, a name that is not inspiring at all, seeks to uncover racism and cover ups within the prison industry. A group of certified pathologists will perform the autopsies and will attempt to “eliminate any biases” in the first autopsies.

Kaepernick explained that they know the prison industrial complex (which includes police, policing and other services) tries to serve and protect its interests at every cost. The Autopsy Initiative will ensure that loved ones have accurate, forensically verified information on the death cause.

Although there are certainly instances of manipulation and cover-ups in autopsies it’s absurd to believe that anything positive could result from this.

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Kaepernick’s objective with everything these days is to somehow prove that their are racist motivations and intentions in every murder and everything related to policework. Kaepernick is now questioning autopsies’ validity because he believes there may be some hidden information that the initial reports didn’t reveal. 

What is there to be proved? Which biases does the team want to find? This idea should not be laughable, but instead it is being called wonderful.

Dr. Cyril Wecht, pathology coordinator said that he is extremely excited about the program. Families of victims will have the assurance that they have had second, impartial autopsies done by experienced and independent forensic pathologists. This is a way to ensure that all facts are known.

We will hopefully live in a world that doesn’t applaud or tolerate race-baiting and hustlers, but rejects them outright.

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