Kaepernick to be Honorary Captain at Michigan Football Spring Game

You University of Michigan football fans! Your team just got up.

On Wednesday, the Wolverines hosted Colin Kaepernick, a former NFL quarterback and activist. They also announced that Kaepernick will be an honorary captain for Saturday’s Maize and Blue Spring Game. As he hopes to return to the NFL as soon as possible, Kaepernick has been a frequent sports reporter in recent weeks.

It might seem strange that Kaepernick has been welcomed to Michigan by all schools. The social justice fighter graduated from University of Nevada Reno back in 2011. The move makes sense from at least a relationship standpoint.

Jim Harbaugh, the Wolverines’ head coach and quarterback respectively, spent four years with Kaepernick. This tandem led the 49ers into a Super Bowl appearance 2012 where they were defeated by the Baltimore Ravens 34 to 31. Plus, Harbaugh has always been a fan of Kaepernick’s social justice shenanigans, even going so far as to say that Kaepernick was “on the right side” of the racial issues in America. 

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We all know that Kaepernick, the NFL’s first player to kneel in disrespect of the National Anthem in 2016, was outspoken during the nation’s turmoil in 2020.

“You got to listen to people and really hear what they’re saying,” Harbaugh told Jed Hughes on a podcast in 2020. “Colin’s been on the right side of this for a long time. I remember some very early conversations, when Colin decided to take a knee during the national anthem, and the person that’s first gets so much backlash. So, just for Colin, like ‘I love you, man.’ Then to listen to him explain (it).”

You can now see the eyes rolling.

The context of the situation is understandable, but the possible ramifications for the future are not. 

The return of college football has made it more appealing to see. However, the broadcasts did not include any social justice message or ad campaigns. Football fans could simply enjoy the game and not be concerned about alternate messages.

Kaepernick being the focus of this publicity campaign could be a negative for Michigan’s program. It would also reverse their positive trend. It might help them gain some popularity in the short-term, but it may alienate large portions of their fans.

Michigan should not be able to stop “hailing the victorious,” but the social justice fighters who wish to see America’s destruction. This would be better for us all.

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