Humiliating Footage of Model’s ‘Photo Shoot’ During Yankees Game Goes Viral

“this is why we hate men.”

Video of a French fashion model posing for numerous photographs in the middle of a Yankees game went viral this week, igniting a gendered debate around stadium etiquette, “fragile masculinity” and consent.

Barstool Sports writer Eric Hubbs shared the footage to social media Wednesday. In it, Justine Soranzo is seen striking various poses while the game is ongoing. A man can be heard saying in the video that Soranzo is taking “like 500 photos” and that the display is “distracting.”

“BIG baseball fan at the Yankees game today,” Hubbs quipped sarcastically in a tweet accompanying the clip.

Hubbs’ tweet went viral, generating more than 35,000 likes, 4,500 retweets and nearly 3,000 comments. Many commenters said Hubbs was being “creepy,” suggested he was a misogynist who couldn’t stand to see a beautiful woman enjoying herself and slammed him for working for Barstool Sports, which progressives have characterized as a sexist outlet that purportedly “hates women.”

“the issue is that men can’t stand to see a woman being carefree and enjoying her own beauty,” wrote one user.

“this is why we hate men,” wrote another.

One commenter implied Hubbs was displaying “fragile masculinity”:

One progressively minded Twitter user averred it was, “Pretty weird and gross to take random vids of a complete stranger without their consent.”

For her part, Soranzo retweeted many of the commenters who came to her defense. She also had a message for her critics.

“HERE WE ARE… Haters gonna love,” she wrote in the caption to the finished product from her impromptu Yankee stadium “photo shoot.”

Hubbs responded to the backlash against him in a followup tweet.

“For anyone attacking this video lol… This is absolutely in the middle of the game, you can hear it going on in the background. I did not record it, for all you calling me a creep lmao. And it’s a funny video. Really all there is to it,” he wrote.

Hubbs’ Barstool Sports co-worker Kayce Smith urged internet denizens crying sexism to chill out about the entire incident.

“This girl wanted to get the right shot and she knew she looked good doing it. I don’t blame her one bit. But to act like it’s some creepy, egregious sin that a video was taken when you get caught red-handed executing a minute long photo shoot during a game is a complete joke,”  she wrote in a Thursday blog post. “If I am posing for a considerable amount of time for a picture LITERALLY ANYWHERE, I expect people to take a video of it and to get roasted for it. I’ll still do it 10/10, but I wouldn’t be surprised people take notice.”

“Try separating your ‘Barstool hates women’ takes from ‘this is really funny’ takes one time for me,” Smith added.

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