Justice Clarence Thomas Cements ‘Legend’ Status With One Very On-Point Quip About the MSM – Opinion

Along with his legal brilliance, Supreme Court Justice Clarence Thomas has gifted us with some classic quotes during his decades of public service, with one in particular that stands out to me being what I call his “Never bend the knee” moment during his highly contentious (thanks to then-Senate Judiciary Committee Chairman Joe Biden) 1991 confirmation hearings.

At one stage during the hearing Sen. Orrin Hartch (R. Utah) interrogated Thomas regarding rumours that he would withdraw from the process and asked him what he intended to do. Thomas’ answer (seen on page 260 of the transcript here) was a prescient blueprint for conservatives as to how they should respond to similar baseless smear attacks from Democrats in the future:

Hatch: “Judge, you’re here, though. Some people have been spreading the rumor that perhaps you’re going to withdraw. What’s Clarence Thomas going to do?”

Thomas: “I’d rather die than withdraw. If they’re gonna kill me they’re gonna kill me.”

Hatch: “So you’d still like to serve on the Supreme Court?”

Thomas: “I’d rather die than withdraw from the process. This is not for the sole purpose of being on the Supreme Court. It’s for the sake of not being forced out. I won’t be afraid. I don’t like bullies. I’ve never run from bullies. I never cry uncle and I’m not going to cry uncle today, whether I want to be on the Supreme Court or not.”

Here we are nearly 31 years since his confirmation and Thomas, who is the longest-serving Justice of those who are currently on the court, is still providing us with some gems, including one from the Old Parkland Conference last Friday, where he spoke about, among other things, how badly the draft majority opinion Supreme Court leak that happened earlier this month had hurt the Supreme Court and also how the protests that were being held outside the conservative Justices’ homes – including his – were beyond the pale.

While I urge people to watch his full remarks from the conference here, at one point during his back and forth with former Bush Deputy Assistant AG for the Office of Legal Counsel John Yoo, Thomas quipped about comments he’d made to the media early on during his time as a Supreme Court Justice when some in the MSM suggested he resign from his position. Thomas’ response, as you’ll read and see below, was priceless and absolutely spot-on:

In other words, it’ll be a cold day in hell before he leaves the Supreme Court as a direct result of media criticism in his direction.

That’s the thing the far left will never understand about the right. A decade ago, there was a roughly 50-50 chance that a Republican would resign after being hammered by the media/left. These days, those chances have decreased significantly – and not to the left’s advantage.

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