‘Jurassic Park’ Gets Canceled – Opinion

I bring sad news on this Sunday morning: The ’90s mega-blockbuster “Jurassic Park” has been canceled.

Millions of children grew up watching the film. As a child, I vividly remember seeing the movie and feeling captivated by how realistic the dinosaurs appeared. In a matter of days, paleontology was no longer a fringe science but a popular obsession. It was all for nothing because every aspect of our modern society is complicated.

This is the supposed problem that revolves around Sam Neill and Laura Dern’s age at the time of the filming. Interview in The Sunday Times’ Culture section with the actor and actress, that’s now an example of the toxic patriarchy.

I’ll admit to being completely confused by this. It is a patriarchy that a younger woman can make millions and star in movies that are co-starred with an older man. Is the suggestion here that she shouldn’t have ever been given the role? It seems absurd and self-deprecating. Of course, she’s only saying this 29 years later, after she’s been made fabulously wealthy by the long-running popularity of “Jurassic Park.”

Casting is about the role, and not the actress/actor. Older women often get cast to portray younger women. Does that seem outlandish? As for Dern, her character was an expert in her field. In the film, she presented herself as someone in her 30s both by her stated experiences and appearance. Even still, in the film itself, Dern wasn’t even in a relationship with Neill’s character.

Again, the question is: What’s the problem? It’s now the patriarchy when a younger woman is cast to play opposite an older man? Dern cites this “moment of cultural awareness,” but I’d suggest this is just the ultimate example of inventing victimhood out of thin air. An 23-year old star in a film isn’t a victim.

I don’t know who needs to hear this, but not everything has to be completely stupid. It’d be nice if that message was taken to heart.

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