Judge Knocks Down LA County School District’s Vaccine Mandate – Opinion

On Tuesday, a Los Angeles Superior Court judge ruled against a Los Angeles County Unified Schools District (LAUSD), COVID vaccination requirement for students. He wrote that the district had exceeded its authority and the resolution that approved the mandate was inconsistent with state law in that it does not allow exemptions for people of religious convictions.

The ruling is a major setback for LAUSD (really, it’s a slap at their teachers union, UTLA. This ruling is a setback for LAUSD (really, it’s a slap at their teachers union, UTLA). It also marks a win for many advocacy groups such as Reopen California SchoolsAnd Let Them Breathe!

The Los Angeles Times reports that this decision won’t have any immediate effect:

The ruling, however, has no immediate effect within the L.A. Unified School District, because the district in May postponed its mandate until at least July 2023 — a move that aligned with the state decision to pause its own school vaccine requirement until then.

The ruling, however, is significant because it establishes precedent and gives Dr. Barbara Ferrer (the dictatorial County Public Health Director) notice. If you’ve followed how detrimental school shutdowns were, you’ll know that Ferrer is a one-woman mask/vaccine fanatic who would keep Los Angeles County in a permanent state of lockdown if she could. Barbara Ferrer, unlike any other school closing in Los Angeles County, extended her order to private schools.

This lawsuit was filed by a father, and his 12-year old son. in court documents. The vaccine mandate required that any student attending classes must be vaccinated with the COVID vaccine—or else be moved to an at-home study program. This meant that each student was entitled to an independent, yet clearly unrelated, education. G.F. strongly opposed giving his son a medical treatment he didn’t need:

“I worry that vaccinating him could prove even more dangerous now that he has had COVID-19,” the father said in a sworn declaration. “Among other things, I fear that the vaccination could overexcite his immune system and antibodies.”

In response to the complaint, LAUSD lawyers stated that the relief sought by G.F. “asks this court to ignore the life-threatening risks presented by COVID-19 and the corresponding threat it poses to public education.”

Judge Mitchell Beckloff agreed with the father-son argument, saying that it is only the state’s power to make such broad requirements.

While LAUSD argues the court’s ruling should apply to D.F. only, the court finds no justification for such a limitation given the board’s lack of authority to adopt the resolution,” Beckloff wrote.

Arie L. Spanggler was delighted with the result.

Judge Beckloff’s ruling confirms that individual school districts do not have the authority to impose local vaccination requirements in excess of statewide requirements. The ruling is very welcome as it guarantees that no child will have to be expelled from school because of their COVID-19 status.

What is the significance of this ruling? Because public sector teachers unions, led by the likes of Randi Weingarten, pushed for school closures and mandates, and aren’t done with your children. The National Education Assocation’s ultimate goal for instance is for nationwide mandatory vaccination and masking:

The Golden State’s vaccine mandates are affecting education. As we reported, enrollment has dropped like a stone, and a Granada Hills school cruelly prevented unvaccinated students from attending graduation in June—even though the ceremony was held outdoors.

The judge’s decision, while not earth-shattering, is still a step in the right direction. The state can pass legislation mandating vaccine mandates if they wish. This decision should not be taken by local unelected officials that lack accountability.

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