Judge Jeanine Pirro Caught on Hot Mic Slamming Fox News: ‘They’re Unbelievable’

Fox News host Jeanine Pirro on Tuesday criticized her employer, revealing that the network had suspended her in the past and keeps a tight leash on the shows she’s allowed to appear on as a guest.

Speaking to former White House aide Sebastian Gorka on the Salem Radio Network, Pirro, 68, seemed unaware that her mic was still live and the conversation was being streamed on YouTube between radio segments.

When Gorka – who mentioned that their conversation was still live – said he would like to have Pirro in studio, she expressed her frustration with Fox News.

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“I would love it. We’ll see if they let me. You know Fox reviews everything. They’re unbelievable,” she said.

Gorka suggested that the release of her latest book might give her more schedule flexibility.

“No. They’re still saying you cannot do Bill O’Reilly, you cannot do Newsmax, you cannot do — oh no,” Pirro replied.

The “Justice With Judge Jeanine” host also appeared to confirm that she’d been suspended from the network in March, following controversial comments about Muslim congresswoman Rep. Ilhan Omar, D-MN.

“You know what, they suspended me. And I’m not going to get fired. You know I’m worried that that suspension was the basis to tee up for anything I do wrong, they’ll fire me,” she said.

Judge Jeanine Pirro and conservative skepticism over Fox News

Long held up as a bastion for conservative viewpoints amid a panoply of liberal-leaning major news networks, Fox News is now facing criticism from some on the right.

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Most notably, President Donald Trump has slammed the network, saying in a late August tweet that the network isn’t “working for us anymore.”

In July, The Daily Beast published a report citing several sources who claimed Trump was concerned about Fox News’ purportedly liberal turn.



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