Joy Behar Is Offended That Floridians Are Making Fun of California

“Comedian” Joy Behan was made a bit irked during Friday’s edition of The ViewAfter learning that some people from Republican Florida were making fun of liberal California, she was forced to appear on ABC. Sara Haines, cohost of the ABC show, laughed at Behar’s outrage and reminded her that the network makes fun of red states.

As they dipped into questioning singer LeAnn Rimes if she’s ever been assaulted on stage a la Chris Rock and Will Smith at the Oscars, the artist recounted: “I have never been assaulted on stage, although … Recently, I was in Florida and got heckled for having said that I had lived in California. which was actually the highlight of my career by the way.”

“What? They would do it, why? What is that,”Behar spoke in genuine confusion.

Rimes seemed to sense Behar’s percolating discontent with the story and tried to cut it off: “I was just talking about where I was from, and they just, like, they don’t happen to like Californians, but that was okay because we went back and talked about the fact that I was from Mississippi and we were all good.”

“So, they just go after an entire state,”Behar gasped in dismay.



Through the flurry of crosstalk, Haines can be heard reminding Behar, “Don’t we not laugh a little bit sometimes here about Texas and Florida?” “Well we’re specifically –” Behar began to argue before getting drowned out by Rimes defending the story saying, “it became funny.”

“You don’t attack a whole state,”Behar was adamant in her refusal to take any responsibility. However, Haines and Rimes wanted to end this line of conversation.

HAINES – I believe that is the point. You could argue the same is California or New York politically.


HAINES – Liberal states yes.

Behar’s hypocrisy shines brightly. She decries demonizing whole groups of people but a few months ago she was demonizing all Republicans as “the Taliban in America.” And the hypocrisy was present in Friday’s episode just moments prior.

During a conversation about Congresswoman Marjorie Taylor Greene being offended by a Jimmy Kimmel joke, Behar proclaimed that comedians like her shouldn’t care about offending people:

ANA NAVARRO – Who cares? Standup comics aren’t offended if they offend.

BEHAR: No, not when a politician has offended. Too bad! Too bad!

If what’s good for the goose is good for the gander, too bad Joy! Californian Floridians will mock and bae you.

Behar’s hypocrisy and outrage was made possible because of lucrative sponsorships from Carvana and Olay. You can find their contact information here.

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ABC’s The View
April 8, 2022
Eastern, 11:14:14


SARA HAINES: We were already watching comedians up against material they couldn’t touch anymore because we’re living in a different time. We talked about it. They couldn’t touch them. Certain things were too dangerous for their career. These people were scared to be on the stage.

You’ve now opened the doors to jokes that aren’t funny, so we can engage in physical fights. And we knew one of the damaging things of that moment – though I wouldn’t define someone by one moment. That was a bad one and it opened the door for people to say – to treat to truly defend someone you love or if a joke’s not funny, you can take it to the stage.

The first thing that I stated was we will see more of this and it is going to happen so fast, I just don’t want comedy to die. I wouldn’t do standup prior to all this. This is why I’m not sure standup comics would make this. It’s inviting.

ANA NAVARRO : They paid, they make a lot of money and are very funny. It’s all part and parcel with being a professional. It doesn’t matter who cares. Comedy standup comedians won’t mind if you get offended.

JOY BEHAR: Not if the politician has offended. Too bad! Too bad!


11:16:16 a.m.

LEANN RIMES – I’ve never been attacked on stage. Recently, I was in Florida and was booed for saying I had lived in California. This was the best moment of my career.

BEHAR: What? They would do it for a reason. Is that really what you are asking?

RIMES : I was talking about where my family was from and they said that Californians are not their favorite. However, that didn’t matter because we talked back about Mississippi, which was fine.

HAINES: We were then friends again.

RIMES – We became friends once again.

BEHAR: They just want to take down an entire nation?

HAINES: Don’t we not laugh a little bit sometimes here about Texas and Florida? [Gestures a little bit]

RIMES: It was also a joke.

BEHAR: Well we’re specifically —

RIMES: It was funny, I must say.

BEHAR: You don’t attack a whole state. But we –

RIMES : Like, I wasn’t sure.

HAINES – I believe that is the point. You could argue the same is California or New York politically.


HAINES – Liberal states yes.


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