Atlantic Magazine Editor Touts Disinformation Conference, Skips Hunter Biden’s Laptop

Jeffrey Goldberg is the editor-in chief of AtlanticTo lead to the magazine’s Chicago conference with Obama strategist David Axelrod, Axelrod wrote an article about disinformation. We might expect him to at least mention the recent exposure of the falsehood that the information on Hunter Biden’s laptop was “Russian disinformation.”

This is it! The New York TimesAnd The Washington PostYou’d expect that Hunter Biden would finally admit to the truth about Hunter’s emails. Now is the time to confront this uncomfortable truth. However, in Goldberg’s Wednesday article on the topic — “Disinformation Is the Story of Our Age” — the suppressed Hunter Biden laptop story is completely memory-holed.

Goldberg sat by the story but was upset when Lisa McClain, a Republican from Michigan, claimed that Donald Trump had Osama Bin Laden. 

It is hard to recall the moment in 2011, when Barack Obama stated that a Navy team had taken down the leader of al-Qaeda. But Representative Lisa McClain, a first-term member of Congress, showed that, with effort, and with a desire to feed Trump’s delusions and maintain her standing among his supporters, anything is possible.

Goldberg, like a true Democrat sees most of the disinformation emanating from Republicans. 

The Atlantic and the Institute of Politics, University of Chicago, have teamed up to host a conference that examines disinformation in all its forms. When David Axelrod, the founder and leader of the IOP, and I first discussed this idea, we both agreed that the future of this country—and of our democratic allies around the world—depends on the ability and willingness of citizens to discern truth from falsehood.

Both Axelrod as well as I know that disinformation has infected more than one political party. However, in my view only one American party has so far given in to the fantasists. And we’re aware that there is only so much any citizen can do, when faced with a social media–Big Data complex that makes it easier and easier to inject falsehoods into political discourse. “Disinformation, turbocharged by the tools social media and Big Data now afford, threatens to unravel not just our democracy but democracies everywhere,” he said…

Yet, Goldberg stated that “We aim for nonpartisanship at “The Atlantic”  Sure, the nonpartisan magazine that endorsed Hillary Clinton in 2016 and Joe Biden in 2020, urging a “vote for the decent man” — with the indecent son. 

At their “disinformation” conference the ostrich attitude toward the Hunter Biden laptop story was personified by Atlantic writer Anne Applebaum, who feigned disinterest in the subject when questioned about it by a student.

Anne Applebaum’s problem with the laptop contents is they completely shatter the narrative they are trying to present, that disinformation comes primarily from the Republican baddies, so they very conveniently don’t find it “interesting.”  That means they can memory-hole it.

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