Joe Scarborough’s Violent Fantasy: Will Trump ‘Bleed Out’ Like Boris Johnson?

Joe Biden’s pathetic poll numbers are causing Joe Scarborough to become a Joe Scarborough fanboy. It is TheMorning JoeAlthough he has been known as a Trump-hater for a long time, Thursday morning was the first occasion when he seemed to indulge in violent fantasies about his former president. The incident occurred during an episode about Boris Johnson’s problems in the UK. 

Scarborough said: 

“I wonder, Jon Meacham, if what we’re seeing in Britain may be coming to America soon where a bloviating, right-wing nationalistWho seems to be capable of getting away with almost anything, and defying political gravityPerhaps he is finally seeing the light. Britain is a beautiful country. Johnson could be affected by one little nick after the next. Do not let the blood clot. Politically, there



Scarborough then described various alleged setbacks (i.e.,nicks) that Trump has experienced in the past days, similar to Johnson.

It would not have mattered if Scarborough left it to Trump and prayed for his “comeuppance.” He took the situation to an absurd new level. It is possible to imagine Trump becoming a Johnson-like “bleeder” politically.

Scarborough was then invited Morning Joe regular Jon Meacham — the Biden speechwriter who reportedly helped write Biden’s despicable Georgia speech in which he compared his political opponents to George Wallace, Bull Connor, and Jefferson Davis — to join in his ghoulish fantasy about Trump bleeding out.

Meacham, however, hedged his bets by saying that even though “history tells us: that figures that burn so brightly tend not to burn out”, it is impossible to forecast Trump’s future fate in “a world that Donald Trump won.” So, it’s impossible to predict what could happen in an unimaginable world where Trump might become President.

In a time when liberals often condemn conservatives’ violent rhetoric, we now witness the second week in which a liberal media member uses violent or vile speech. Tiffany Cross was on MSNBC’s Saturday show, encouraging viewers to vote. Pick up a gunParticipate in the “War”. 

Today it is Scarborough fantasizes about the exsanguination with his hated Trump.

Note: View the video, and you’ll see Scarborough absolutely delighting in Boris Johnson’s distress. What does Scarborough think about Johnson’s personality? Does he wish for the fall of the Conservative government or the rise of the socialist Labor party to power? When Gavin Newsom (California Governor) was in an identical COVID scandal to Johnson, Morning JoeIt was a far-left Los Angeles TimesColumnist condemns recall attempt against the Democrat 

Joe Scarborough, who fantasized about Donald Trump “bleeding out” like Boris Johnson in Britain on Morning Joe, was supported by Applebee’s as well Liberty Mutual.  

The transcript is here.

Morning Joe
6:40 am ET

JOE SCARBOROUGH: So, this morning, British Prime Minister Boris Johnson—get this!—is once again on the defense, over another issue! It’s now whether or not he approved the Afghan evacuation of pets and animals. It’s not an exaggeration. A batch of leaked e-mails appear to contradict Johnson’s claims that he had nothing to do with the evacuation of animals from a British charity in Afghanistan as the country fell to the Taliban, and human beings were scrambling to find a way out of that country. Johnson dismissed the claims that Johnson intervened to ensure that cats and dogs were safe, and that people’s safety was his priority. 

A message written by a British diplomat was made public Wednesday by the House of Commons select committee. Downing Street denies that the Prime Minister was involved in this cat-and-dogs incident. 

Johnson is already being accused of lying to Downing Street officials about parties that might have violated Covid-19 policies.

Jon Meacham? I wonder if we are seeing. what we’re seeing in Britain may be coming to America soonWhere?A blatant right-wing nationalistWe are a man who can do anything and seem to defy the laws of political gravity.You might finally see your comeuppance. 

Britain is a beautiful country. Johnson could be affected by one little nick after the next. Do not let the blood clot.Politically, there. Donald Trump seems to have a setback every day here.In New York State, at the United States Supreme Court or in Georgia with a grand jury. He seems to be getting worse news every day.

JON MEACHAM : Yes. That’s what you know. Anything is possible in an environment where Donald Trump has been elected President. I think – I offer that as a hypothesis that’s probably a theory, given the evidence. What do you think? History would confirm that people who are so passionate about their work tend to lose it. It’s just almost impossible to – strike almost. We don’t have the ability to see exactly what happens. If it does, then we can expect to see the same thing again.

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