Joe Rogan Presses Sanjay Gupta on CNN Lying About Him Taking ‘Horse Dewormer’

Anyone who wants to know why mainstream media is so dishonest and slanderous towards its credibility should watch the Joe Rogan interview with CNN’s Sanjay Gupta on Wednesday. 

Rogan pointed out the CNN lie that he took a horse dewormer (Ivermectin) for treatment when he came down with a case of Covid earlier this year. Gupta did not respond to CNN’s claim, but only sheepishly admitted the lie. This was for obvious reasons. 

Rogan is pressing Gupta to tell the CNN Ivermectin Lie.



DR. SANJAY GOTA: Oh, and I’m so glad to hear that you feel better.

JOE ROGAN (Thank you) You’re probably the only one at CNN who’s glad … The rest of them are all lying about me taking horse medication.

GUPTA: This bothered you.

ROGAN: You should be concerned too. They lie to you about whether people are taking human or veterinary drugs.

GUPTA: Calling it a ‘horse dewormer’ is not the most flattering thing, I get that.

ROGAN It is a fabrication. This is a lie that they told on the news networks. It’s something they are conscious of. They are not making a mistake. The unfavorable framing of it is veterinary medicine.

Rogan got upset by Rogan’s line about Rogan taking horse dewormers and then recommending them to Rogan. It all started on Cooper’s September 1, 2001 show with Anderson Cooper, Brian Stelter and others. Bakari Sellers was a CNN contributor, as well as CNN hosts Jim Acosta (and Boris Sanchez). Sanchez received the most severe sentence:Joe Rogan, a celebrity who has talked about doing it, is Joe Rogan. This tweet is an example. This is not the case for horses. You’re not an animal. You must stop this. [See transcripts below.]

Later, after Gupta tried to turn the discussion to the FDA, Rogan came back at Gupta again about the CNN “horse dewormer” lie.

ROGANYou might think it dangerous to tell a story like this on a news station when the truth is out. They know I was taking medicine. It is here. Ivermectin is the name of this drug.

GUPTA: I don’t know what to say except that it seems like everything is going at a breakneck pace.

ROGAN Is it possible that this is a sign that the news networks are lying? Do you think so?

GUPTA: Was that what they said?

ROGAN They said I was taking horse dewormer.

Rogan again brought Gupta back to CNN lying when he tried to shift the topic.

ROGANDo you find it annoying that your network of news reporters lied to you about you taking horse dewormer?

GUPTA : This is not what they should have said. What is the point? It’s not clear to me.

ROGAN – You didn’t want to ask me? ROGAN: You didn’t ask?

GUPTA (I didn’t ask). Before I came on your podcast, I should have asked.

ROGAN: They did it with so much glee.

GUPTA – No Joe.

ROGAN: ROGAN: I was there.

Rogan later came to the following conclusion regarding CNN’s credibility:

ROGAN You’re working in a news agency, that is my point. What are they saying about Russia if they lie about a comedian using horse medication? They are telling us what they think about Syria. Are you aware that this is why many people are concerned about news accuracy?

Joe Rogan also challenged Gupta over the necessity of young children taking a COVID vaccine when they’re not as vulnerable to infection.

The Thursday evening A New Day CNN devoted nine minutes to a different narrative:  it sounded like how Dr. Gupta brought Science to the Podcast for Muscleheads. Different clips were shown where Gupta was the speaker. CNN’s “horse-dewormer” crap was barely mentioned. 

Berman closed the conversation with a grunt: “Sanjay. You’re an emperor.” I don’t know where you get your patience. It’s not possible. Remarkable display of calm and patience there. Many thanks for this.

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Click “Expand” to see the Rogan-esque repeated CNN “horsedewormer mockery”. 

Anderson Cooper 360
September 1, 2021

COOPER: Next, Joe Rogan is a comedian and podcaster. He’s revealed that he has COVID, but it’s not just for teenagers. He admitted to using controversial treatments for animals.That’s …..[commercial break]

BRIAN STELTER ….But, when you’ve Horse deworming medications that are discouraged and not recommended by the government. Some people, in fact, may want to give it a try in spite of their crazy circumstances. This is the downside to our situation with Joe Rogan.

COOPER: Dr. Wen Ivermectin is apparently used to deworm animals.Is this why so many people use it? It’s spreading online, and I get it. It works ?…. But how do you know?

[after several paragraphs of transcript, we get]

That is what I am referring to Ivermectin can be used to treat parasites or scabies in the human body, although it is only used at very low dosages.People who take them in very large doses, such as horses, can get severe liver problems, including nausea, vomiting and diarrhea. Overdoses of Ivermectin can also lead to death. This is something I wish people would realize and take the time to listen to public health professionals rather than Joe Rogan.

You can find more information here
Don Lemon Tonight

Septermber 3 2021

BAKARI SELLERS CNN Contributor: The unfortunate thing about this whole situation is that you have people like JFor example, oe Rogan will not take experimental vaccines but will still take horse dewormer.. It’s become an issue of politics. Let us do our part.

You can find more information here

CNN Newsroom [with Jim Acosta]
September 5, 2021

JIM ACOSTA: The podcast host Joe Rogan came with COVID. According to Rogan, he has been using the Ivermectin livestock dewormer.decompensation, as well other therapies that people discuss on the internet. It doesn’t appear to have an effect on COVID. Do you think you could have expected to face the competition with Tucker Carlson or Joe Rogan? Are their voices greater and wider than those of you, public health specialists who work out there like you? That’s part of it.

FAUCI: Jim, misinformation and disinformation are a serious problem when it comes down to public health issues like COVID-19. It is crucial to provide accurate information to both those who have been infected as well as for anyone who needs proper medical attention and care.

It is important to do everything we can to disinformation or misinformation. Disinformation is a major enemy of public health, and we see it in certain quarters.

You can find more information here

CNN New Day Saturday
September 5, 2021

BORIS SANCCHEZ, host,: Dr., Let’s dive into the topic you were very vocal about via social media. Ivermectin is that topic. Horse dewormer has been a big help in reducing the number of visits to emergency rooms.  [Really?]I can see your shaking head.

It has been taken by people trying to cure COVID. But it has also led to many poisonings, which is why the FDA posted this message warning everyone not to try it. But it’s not over. Joe Rogan, a celebrity who has talked about doing it, is Joe Rogan. This tweet is an example. This is not the case for horses. You are not an animal. Stop it.

Dr., what is the secret to this phenomenon? Do you know of any studies that show it to be effective?

Dr. ROB DAVIDSON (Doctor): This is hard. You should know that I had taken ivermectin along with an international team of physicians and nurses on a humanitarian relief mission to Haiti in 2014. We were also exposed to scabies quite frequently.

Ivermectin, a powerful drug, is highly recommended. This drug won the Nobel Prize for 2015 and treats many conditions, including river blindness, scabies, and other eye diseases. For large animals it is used to treat them as you mentioned.

So we aren’t saying that ivermectin can’t be used to do what it was intended. It is not antiviral. It can’t be used to treat COVID.

Yes, there is. Petri dishes containing large amounts of ivermectin have shown that it can inhibit the virus. It’s not going to stop the virus from working, but if you put that much medication at it, then it can inhibit it.

This was something that some scientists embraced. It is common to see it in the health sector. Some doctors and scientists feel that something may work, and they are willing to make it work. They do their research. There are some observations, like case series, that show how people believe it is helping. Then it spreads to social media where people such as Joe Rogan grab onto it.

Last year, President Obama embraced hydroxychloroquine the same way. Mike Shirkey from Michigan’s Senate Majority Leader tweeted about ivermectin this week. This is why it seems so bizarre that people would want to spread the word and make it more popular when the facts aren’t in their favor. All that is required to make sure people are vaccinated, wearing their masks and doing the things we believe work, is getting vaccinated.

SANCHEZ – Yes. That is a good idea.Joe Rogan seems to be promoting psychedelic drug that he got from who knows what source and that he does not know exactly what it contains.He doesn’t think so. However, it’s been proven safe and effective in a number of vaccines.

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