Bozell Blasts Media Silence on Alleged Rape After School Trans Policy

Appearing on Fox Business Network’s Varney & CompanyBrent Bozell, President of Media Research Center, denounced leftist media’s refusal to report on two alleged rapes at Loudoun County Virginia high school. These rapes were directly attributable the radical transgender policy implemented by the left-wing school boards. He gave an account of the horrifying timeline leading up to the alleged crimes.

“Now a completely different subject, a father in Virginia says his ninth grade daughter was sexually assaulted in a girls bathroom at Loudoun County school. Now he claims the school turned a blind eye to that alleged assault,” host Stuart Varney told viewers. After playing a soundbite of parent Scott Smith sharing the horrible story of what happened to his daughter, Varney turned to Bozell and asked: “…where was the mainstream media in this? Did they black out this story?”’



Bozell described the worrying chronology starting with the school board’s far-left transgender restroom policy and ending up in the alleged assaults.

February 12th: Loudoun County’s school board passes an ordinance that allows transgender children into girl restrooms. Parents are furious. Outraged, they erupt. They are morally sound, have biology to their advantage, and most importantly they possess commonsense. They say it’s going to lead to a rape. One girl will be raped.

On May 28, a girl enters the bathroom wearing a skirt. That father couldn’t say what happened, I’ll say what happened. He raped her and forced her ….June 22nd to commit sex. There is now a hearing. The school board now wants to take it one step further. The school board now wants to permit gender expression. In other words, they will allow you to wear skirts. And it’s already been a rape….October 6, the boy is arrested for a second attack on another girl in another school, in a classroom.

He then condemned the left-wing media for steadfastly censoring the story throughout the entire chain of events: “So far, no coverage, no coverage, no coverage by the media that had been all over this issue up until it happened….No coverage whatsoever.”

Bozell credited the The Daily Wire for “the expose where they connect the dots…shows the consequence of what happens with a transgender bathroom in a school.” He added: “No coverage whatsoever except for Fox and a handful of other sites.”

This is the complete transcript from the Oct 14th segment.

10.32 am ET

STUART VANEY: This is a totally different topic. A Virginia father claims his 9th grade daughter was sexually assaulted at a Loudoun County girls’ bathroom. He claims that the school ignored his alleged attack. This is what you should see.

SCOTT SMITH – My daughter was raped at school’s end in May last year. The incident occurred in May’s last week, after which school closed. And the school board, as well as the entire school system, went on summer vacation.

VARNEY: That’s the issue here. According to the parent, it was not reported. The suspect student has reportedly been transferred to a different school within Loudoun County School District and he’s being accused of assaulting another girl. The school district claims they followed proper protocols, they’re saying. And I’m going to quote this for you, “Loudoun County Public Schools is aware of the media and social media reports concerning alleged sexual assaults at two of our high school campuses…Principals are legally required to report to the local law enforcement agency any act, including sexual assault…That process was followed with respect to these allegations.” End quote.  

Brent Bozell is with me. Was the mainstream media – where was the mainstream media in this? This story was they omitted?

BRENT BOZELL: I’m gonna tell you a story here in return, Stuart, and it’s gonna shock even you. Here’s a chronology. January 12, Loudoun County’s school board approves an ordinance which allows transgender kids to use girls toilets. Parents are furious. Outraged, they erupt. They can rely on morality, biology, and, most importantly, common sense. They say it’s going to lead to a rape. One girl will be raped.

On May 28, a girl enters the bathroom wearing a skirt. That father couldn’t say what happened, I’ll say what happened. He raped her and forced her to have fellatio. Under the suggestion that some might have happened, the school called the father. He goes in there, only when he arrives does he find out his daughter’s been raped. He erupts. He’s escorted out by the police. He is escorted out by the police from the same school who said that they had reported it to them within minutes. Are they to warn them about the rape? No. They warned them about their father, and that he had been escorted away.  They make no mention to the student – to the parents.

On June 22, there will be a hearing. But the school board is willing to go one more step. They want gender expression to be allowed. And it’s already been a rape. They are now upset. When the father tried to speak, an argument broke out. He is taken into custody

There has been no media coverage of this topic, or any coverage at all.

October 6, 2006: The boy is being held for an additional attack against another girl, this time in a school. There is no coverage.

The Daily Wire has the exposed where they link the dots. It’s a horrible study, it shows the consequence of what happens with a transgender bathroom in a school. Fox news and other media outlets did not report on the incident.

Yesterday, the school board came out with a statement, the most cowardly statement I have ever read, saying, “We didn’t know about it, nobody told us about it. Don’t look at us.” The girl has been forcibly sodomized in their school and they still don’t care.

VARNEY: Okay, I’ve got to end it right there, Brent. But that’s powerful stuff and I think everybody who watches it, who watched what you’ve got to say is shocked indeed. It was a great idea. Thank you very much, Sir. Many thanks.

BOZELL: Stuart, thank you.

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