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Joe Rogan, who was never anti-vaccine but is at the heart of controversy over COVID-19 vaccines has been placed in the spotlight. After contracting the virus earlier in the year, his greatest sin was refusing treatment. The fact that Rogan’s doctor included ivermectin in the medicinal regime sent heads exploding, as he was accused of taking “horse dewormer” amid other unfair, out-of-context claims.

Today, though, Rogan got a bit of redemption by running circles around CNN’s chief COVID hysteric, Sanjay Gupta. You may recall Gupta as the same guy who touted Chris Cuomo’s COVID X-ray, only to be embarrassing fact-checked by actual radiologists.

There were many key moments during the lengthy discussion with Rogan that demonstrated just how far out of his element Gupta seemed. Here’s one of them.

Rogan shows the absurdity of COVID hypersteria by shifting his viewpoints in this clip. It is a way to show how they are trying to make a political story. Gupta claims that he is not concerned about the possibility of a breakthrough disease, despite insisting vaccines work well.

That’s fair enough, but Rogan counters by noting that children are even more statistically protected from COVID than vaccinated adults, yet Gupta presents a far bleaker view of parents who likewise recognize that reality and don’t want to vaccine their children.

Rogan presses Gupta for two full minutes to explain the difference in the way he handles the similar cases. The CNN doctor doesn’t have an answer. Rogan completely misses his point by joking about getting a boost.

Gupta also admits that children may be at greater risk from COVID than adults who have been vaccinated. This is a non-committal moment. But that’s silly, considering the vaccines can be highly effective at preventing serious illness, while still not being as effective, compared to the nearly non-existent risk in children. That’s not a knock on the vaccines.

This is the kind of obfuscation I’ve addressed in the past, and I believe it actually hurts the case of those who religiously push the vaccines. Be honest, even about natural immunity or the dangers to children. You will find that people are more willing to listen and accept you telling the truth. We get this strange cultish behaviour where recognition of 1) natural immunity exists, or 2) the fact that vaccines may not be perfect is seen to be heresy.

Later, Gupta and Rogan shared a discussion on gain-of-function research that went much smoother, with Gupta actually being upfront about the NIH’s splicing of language and how they try to claim they weren’t funding it. He also shared his skepticism regarding China’s behavior, their destruction of evidence, and the fact that COVID-19 very well could have started in a lab.

Gupta had his moments, but the conversation was positive and a good step forward. This kind of direct conversation is far better than the two minute yelling on cable news. Gupta actually seems to come out of his narrative shell a bit at times, and that’s something you never see him do on CNN.

Rogan deserves props for always pushing the limits. There’s a reason he’s got the top podcast in the world

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