Joe Rogan Accuses CNN of Altering His COVID Announcement Instagram Video: ‘Fake News’ – Opinion

Joe Rogan lit up CNN with another post.

Rogan posted an Instagram video in September about his COVID experience. He explained that he was prescribed a combination of drugs, including ivermectin. Rogan said he felt better quickly.

He spoke about ivermectin, as we noted back in that report. CNN lied about him and ivermectin, saying that he took a “horse dewormer” that was meant for “livestock.” They did not say that his doctor had prescribed a drug for him which is used by people, albeit not approved for COVID.

Rogan then had CNN’s Sanjay Gupta on his podcast and ripped him apart for CNN lying about him. CNN released a confused statement in an attempt to justify themselves. Rogan made it clearer by pointing out the truth.

Now, Rogan has posted a video on his Instagram hitting out at CNN for the way he was depicted in their story, contrasting the way he was depicted on CNN, juxtaposed against the Instagram video that he posted, with the words, “Yellow Journalism” and “#fakenews.”

The CNN image makes it look darker, more disoriented and less well.

I double-checked the CNN version — which you can see on CNN’s site — and yes, it appears darker than the Instagram which you can see here, so you can check it yourself.

These are both my screenshots:

Apparently, this isn’t the first time that Rogan has raised this point, and the AP fact-checked the claim back in September and ruled there was no evidence of color manipulation in the CNN segment. You can check out what they say, but they don’t explain the clear difference.

“The image was not altered using Photoshop or any filter,” CNN said in a statement emailed to the AP. “The raw upload was ingested using the direct link to Joe Rogan’s Instagram video, which was then cut for TV.”

You can decide if the CNN version is different. But of course, CNN long ago burned any credibility they may have had — and they just keep adding to the bad with their actions.

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