Joe Manchin’s Favorability Plummeted After Inflation Reduction Act Deal – Opinion

It’s believed among the right (and possibly some independents) that Joe Manchin cashed in his chips when reaching a deal with Chuch Schumer on what would become the Inflation Reduction Act – otherwise known by literally everyone in the media as “the Senate’s climate bill” because no one actually believes it will reduce inflation.

There’s a new Economist/YouGov poll out showing that the American public’s opinion on Manchin may have shifted pretty significantly, to the point where Manchin may really consider cashing in if he hasn’t already.

Let me start by stating some cautions before I go too much. YouGov’s polling isn’t always reliable. Lately, they’ve been outliers on things like the generic ballot, and their use of online polling leaves me wary. Also, their polling focuses on “registered voters” rather than “likely voters,” which is not an extremely reliable metric on its own, either.

This poll is not just for West Virginians. Manchin was a very well-liked man in West Virginia. His success in securing enough funds for his projects home has made him adored, while he also managed to be moderate enough not to allow Republicans to take control of the state.

This being said, this poll’s numbers are significant enough to warrant a closer look.

A drop of 13 points in approval would be a significant one. The jump in disapproval to 16 points is more. The new poll shows that his disapproval has risen to 61 per cent among those 65-plus. He’s also underwater with black and Hispanic voters, though nearly half of those polled don’t know or don’t have an opinion.

It’s not good, though it’s more reflective of the general American public’s dissatisfaction with Manchin than his state suddenly shifting against him. Manchin, who is a prominent swing vote for much of the Democratic agenda, has become a very well-known figure. He knows that his face has been stamped onto the climate bill. If that general American attitude does start to trickle into West Virginia, then that could be bad news for him if he’s looking to get re-elected.

But… it’s quite possible he knows all this and is preparing his retirement from public office (and transition into the private sector). If that’s the case, he doesn’t have a single thing to lose, which makes him far more likely at this point to go full-on progressive. However, the climate bill might not be the only item that the Democrats are able to get passed. If November goes as expected, they’re not going to get another real chance until after Manchin’s next election. If he does decide to run.

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