Joe Biden’s Tale of a 10-Year-Old Unable to Get an Abortion Gets Even Worse – Opinion

Ohio AG David Yost essentially disproved the viral story about a 10-year-old girl that had to travel from Ohio to obtain an abortion.  According to Yost, there has been no criminal complaint filed regarding a 10-year-old being raped nor has anything been requested of the state’s crime lab (i.e. Rape Kit Results

That revelation followed a trail of prior suspicion raised by PJ Media’s Megan Fox, who has been covering the story since its inception. Fox now has another revelation, specifically regarding the doctor that appears to have invented the story, which makes matters worse.

According to Dr. Caitlin Berber’s report, she has a history not reporting on underage abortions.

Caitlin Bern loves being in the limelight. When abortion laws are trying to restrict her large abortion business, Dr. Caitlin Bernard is interviewed both on TV and in print. Recently, Bernard’s claims about a 10-year-old rape victim who she says came across state lines from Ohio to Indiana for an abortion, went viral, and the attention Bernard is now getting might not be the kind she likes.

Bernard has had similar problems in the past, but it was discovered by Bernard. Indiana Right to Life audited 2018 terminations of pregnancy reports which were publicly available in 2018, and found nine cases where abortion doctors failed to properly report the underage abortions to Indiana’s health department. Bernard was one among them.

This is something that I wrote about, but it appears my speculations were more than idle. Indiana’s law requires that all minor abortions be reported to state authorities within three working days. As Fox explains, that’s done so that the proper authorities can investigate whether the child was raped or not.

Bernard claimed that she had performed an abortion on the 10-year-old raped victim. She was forced to travel to her home state because of a heartbeat law. Yet, there’s no official record of that at all, in either Ohio or Indiana. This means that either Bernard lied, or the woman broke the law. There’s no third option here.

Bernard is subject to state authorities and could have her medical license revoked if she didn’t report the underage abortion and rape she claims occurred.

Of course, the simplest answer to all this remains that this sick “doctor” just made the story up for political gain. The damage has already been done. Even President Joe Biden repeated the false claim behind the White House podium. Bernard received what she desired, more media hits from MSNBC and Post write-ups. Hopefully, state officials don’t let this go, though. This woman needs an in-depth investigation.

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