Joe Biden’s Problems Pile Up

Washington — April, the great poet T.S. Eliot tried to warn us that April is the most cruel month in the year and yet, we still go outside without raincoats. Some pedestrians forget to bring their windbreakers. The fate of Russia’s Black Sea flagship, the Moskva. The ship was brought down by 500 unfortunate Russian sailors after a single cigarette was apparently thrown on the ground of one of its secured ammunition rooms. Their Ukrainian relatives were too far away to help them.

This month has so far been terrible for Hunter Biden as well his forgetful dad, Joe Biden. What has been called “the laptop from hell” — actually, it is Hunter’s abandoned laptop — continues to reveal its secrets. Hunter may have been using cocaine to get fentanyl, according to evidence. Hunter couldn’t resist snapping a picture of himself with a pornographic pose. He finally gave up on essential bathroom details like going without proper hairdressing or shaving for several weeks. On multiple occasions, it was revealed that he had an advanced case. He has thin hair and appears to have lost his shirttail at least once.

For his father, it was that North Carolina speech he delivered last week. The wall was applauded, but he then turned his back to the audience and tried to hug them. The wall didn’t respond. He tried to hug it, but the wall did not respond. Again, no response. Questions about Joe’s son have been avoided by him, so questions about Joe are now being asked. In 2024, Joe will have almost 82-years old when he votes, and in 2028, his age will rise to almost 86. Although people are proposing age restrictions for candidates for office, it could lead to the elimination of all but the top tiers of the Democratic Party.

Also, there’s the issue of Major the dog (a vicious German shepherd) that the president owns. Major seems to have developed a liking for Jill, the Secret Service staff member who looks after the president. Major can be friendly with Joe, Jill and his dog, but the Secret Service has caused him to have run-ins. They carry weapons, tasers or other protective instruments which could disadvantage the dog’s position in an upcoming altercation. According to some reports, Major is very fond and slow to act against the dog. The Secret Service however has complained to him and now the president must worry about incriminating papers. According to one document, Major is accused of eight consecutive incidents of biting. He didn’t even observe the Lord’s Day. These incidents had not been reported before.

According to Tom Fitton, the president of Judicial Watch, “These documents show Major was a dangerous dog and the Biden White House lied about it, placing Secret Service and other White House personnel at needless risk.” Now it has become clear that there are far more incidents than the White House has acknowledged. In fact, one Secret Service memo claims the “first family are getting him (Major) a full-time trainer to correct his behavior.” Well, that is well and good, but what are the Bidens going to do about Hunter? The laptop of Hunter is still there and does not appear to be in good condition.

The first family will always know that Major is getting more dog food each day and can take him on long walks if they have someone to walk him. But what about Hunter? It is not possible to increase Hunter’s cocaine intake. You cannot increase his intake of this drug.

Since I am a realist, I see serious problems ahead of the first family. Vice President Kamala Harir’s presence is also not very comforting. If Joe is incapacitated, what happens? What happens when he becomes incapacitated. How will Kamala treat staff? This department has known of her terrible track record. We don’t know the answers. Harvard State University might be able to convene a conference that brings together the most intelligent people from America. What are America’s brainiest individuals?

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