Joe Biden’s Own Staff Fact-Checked Him in Real-Time Last Night – Opinion

This is the kind of thing I’d assume was parody if I didn’t have the proof sitting right in front of me.

Last night, Joe Biden went on CNN to participate in a highly-scripted, highly-friendly “town hall” in which pre-selected questions were posed to him. RedState reports that he switched from telling slanderous lies to blaming America’s ideal of liberty as the event progressed. This was basically a typical Biden appearance.

His performance apparently even tinkered with his staff. The shocking news is that White House staffers had actually been fact-checking President Trump in real-time.

The first example is about Biden’s proclamation that he’s considering deploying the National Guard to help with the supply chain crisis. He has not yet explained how that might work. Do we see soldiers driving boxes trucks? From where are these trucks coming from? How would the National Guard arrange such a system for getting the products to thousands different retailers? Who is responsible for the risk? It’s a stupid idea. It’s the kind of thing a president just says because they have no good ideas and want to pretend as if they’ve still got a move left in their pocket.

Biden apparently got out of his skis when the White House realized. The White House not only clarified who is authorized to summon the National Guard but also stated that no federal discussion has been held regarding any possible deployment. The president was either lying or just has no idea what he’s talking about. Probability both.

Biden was also confused by a question on raising taxes or defending Taiwan. White House officials corrected both questions. The latter is important because it shows that while Biden may have an old-school idea about honoring the treaty between the US and Taiwan, it doesn’t appear those that work for him share the same thought. If Biden simply stated what was policy, why bother to clarify? It seems to me like Biden was too direct with his staff and might not have the ability to protect Taiwan from a Chinese attack.

Overall, I’ve just never seen anything like this. Biden’s presidency is not under his control. His staff constantly contradict him. That would have been a huge story in more normal times. Joe Biden, whether it was for good or bad (or both), was inaugurated in January 2021. His handlers weren’t, yet they seem to be in total control of the messaging and decision-making. There’s something really unsettling about that.

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