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Joe Biden has probably been the president who was least prepared for facing foreign challenges in American history.

Biden was greeted with suspicion by a foreign world who had seen the last administration’s performance. In the few months that have followed his election, Biden did not inspire confidence. His hasty withdrawal of all American troops from Afghanistan without a clear exit strategy was a devastating blow to American credibility. It also gave Putin the assurance he needed for his plans to invade Ukraine.

Biden’s speech and follow-up answers to reporters’ questions yesterday did even less to inspire confidence at home. While many across the country are watching another sovereign country be invaded by a known dictator, Biden admitted that his sanctions weren’t ever really meant to stop Putin’s invasion, despite his administration pretending they were.

And then, when his administration is asked how far the U.S. sanctions will go to try and dissuade Russia from continuing its invasion, the response is that they don’t want to actually disrupt one of the biggest and most lucrative exports from Russia.

All this is on top of Biden’s administration doing nothing to help Americans get out of warzones.

The biggest failing of the withdrawal from Afghanistan was the lack of a plan for bringing the Americans and their allies back to the country. People are still trapped in Afghanistan, which was seized by a terrorist-supporting government within days. These people were handed weapons from the United States, and there was no way for them to be stopped by their previous governments. It was an utter failure.

In the absence military intervention, private organizations stepped in and did their best to rescue as many Americans from Afghanistan as possible. It looks as if the same thing is taking place in Ukraine.

Florida’s private volunteer group said that it had launched an effort to evacuate about 20 Americans from Ukraine as the first American citizens have been evacuated since Thursday’s Russian military invasion.

The rescue operation by the Tampa-based nonprofit Project Dynamo began in Kyiv as Russian air strikes on the Ukrainian capital were starting in the predawn darkness early Thursday local time, the group’s spokesperson, James Judge, told Reuters.

The evacuees were 23 to 24 U.S. citizen and legal U.S. residents. They met at a predetermined point, and then left Kyiv with three vehicles for an American embassies in an unknown neighboring country.

Meanwhile, the Biden administration is silent, focusing on sounding stern while admitting they aren’t actually going to do anything about Russia’s aggressive violation of international agreements and Ukraine’s sovereignty.

AP Photo/Alex Brandon

After the dust has settled, the Biden administration would have consolidated its one major legacy (hopefully), Abandonment.

Biden left Afghanistan. Biden abandoned Afghanistan. It wasn’t a strategic withdrawal. Instead, it was a sad cacophony involving failures in leadership and planning. All because he claimed he had ended the 20-year war.

Biden abandoned Ukraine, and European allies, over fears of disrupting energy flow out of Russia – energy flow we as a country now rely on because the Biden administration Also abandoned energy independence over climate change concerns – and what impact it might have on the world (and gas prices at home).

Biden claimed that he could go toe to toe with Vladimir Putin. However, when it came time, Biden’s administration worried about the impact higher gasoline prices and other foreign intrusions might have on his poll numbers. It’s an absolute shame.

And, again, it’s not as though we’re actually looking to get into another armed conflict. But there are several tools available at our disposal that can disrupt Russia’s invasion to the point that they back off at least a little bit. But what Biden proposed yesterday simply isn’t enough.

It’s also not as though Europe is actually asking (or, frankly,) deserving of help. This was created by them when they considered climate change a more serious threat than Putin and rely on Russia for their energy needs. Every sanction they could have used to cripple Russia has been vetoed.

It is the result of an unscrupulous administration being faced with grave crisis after crisis.

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