Joe Biden’s Justice Department Shuts Down China-Focused Counterintelligence Programs Because Hurt Feelings Matter – Opinion

You can forget about Joe Biden if you believe he is capable of projecting an image of weakness. He isn’t.

He has not only shown cravenness when dealing with Putin in Ukraine in the past year but he also showed an equally lackluster attitude in dealing to our biggest security threat: China.

China has been a poor actor for too many years that the US has coddled. US-based companies in China were forced to surrender intellectual property, and they were subjected o predatory financial practices. China’s intelligence operations against the United States are not limited to US citizens and companies in China. China is extremely active in the United States in traditional espionage directed against Department of Defense targets, but it also has more strategic objectives in penetrating US academia and buying influence in American media, government (for instance, Fang Fang, bang-banging Eric Swalwell as he chaired the CIA’s oversight subcommittee)  professional sports, and entertainment. American academia was their primary target. China may have the ability to influence the grant process by making payments under the table to university researchers. This could allow it to access research previously unavailable to it. China has also used American universities to train Chinese students and maintained tight control of their ideologies.

He initiated the China Initiative shortly after Attorney General Jeff Sessions was indicted. This program was different from most FBI and Justice Department actions in the last year. It had the goal of protecting the United States against an aggressive and voracious intelligence enemy.

China Initiative by Redstate Scribd user streiff

The Biden junta declared the end of this program. DOJ closes China-focused antispionage program.

Following a number of criminal cases, and accusations it was racist profiling, Biden’s administration shut down the Justice Department program which focused on Chinese spyage.

Officials announced Wednesday that the China Initiative, a three-year-old initiative, had been canceled largely due to perceptions it unfairly painted Chinese Americans, and U.S. residents, of Chinese origin, as disloyal.

“By grouping cases under the China Initiative rubric, we helped give rise to a harmful perception that the department applies a lower standard to investigate and prosecute criminal conduct related to that country or that we in some way view people with racial, ethnic or familial ties to China differently,” Assistant Attorney General for National Security Matthew Olsen said in remarks prepared for delivery at George Mason University in Virginia.

Speak up!

You can change the program’s name to address concerns over waking perceptions. If you can’t acknowledge that there is no counterintelligence threat to the United States that is remotely similar to that presented by China, you probably should just resign or at least reduce your fentanyl intake.

This is just another sign that the Biden Justice Department is deeply corrupt and much more concerned with suppressing domestic dissent and defending the right of sexual predators to get into girls’ locker rooms and female prisons than they are about prosecuting criminals or stopping espionage.


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