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We reported yesterday on the bizarre, rambling speech President Joe Biden gave Thursday at the Elk Grove Village, Illinois business of a Democrat mega-donor, where our so-called Uniter in Chief actually bragged about private-sector workers getting fired from their jobs over his coronavirus vaccine workplace mandate, touting it in part as evidence of the mandate’s supposed “success.”

Biden did however, add something that could have been a draw during the speech a lot more attention from the COVID Misinformation Police in the media, on social media, and among fact-checkers but which, to date, hasn’t (bolded emphasis added):

“We’re requiring active-duty military to be vaccinated. We’re making sure healthcare workers are vaccinated because if you seek care at a healthcare facility, you should have the certainty that the people providing that care are protected from COVID and cannot spread it to you.

Watch Biden state below that it is a “certainty” that healthcare workers who are fully vaccinated “cannot spread it to you” (starts at around the :50 mark):

Perhaps Biden didn’t get the memo from back in August from the CDC that acknowledged people who were fully vaccinated could still not only catch the virus but of course could also transmit it to others (bolded emphasis added by them):

The virus can be spread to people who have been fully vaccinated against the Delta variant of breakthrough infections.However, vaccines seem to be less effective in spreading the virus. For example, for previous variants, samples from people fully vaccinated who have had breakthrough infections were more likely to contain viral genetic material than those taken from people unvaccinated with COVID-19. The Delta variant has infected both fully and unvaccinated persons. Similar levels of virus genetic material were found for those who had not been vaccinated. As with previous variants of the virus, it is possible that fully vaccinated persons may have a lower level of viral genetic material than those who are not vaccinated. This is because fully vaccinated persons will be more likely to spread the virus than those who are not vaccinated.

Biden falsely stated that vaccinated persons could not contract the virus in July. Jen Psaki was forced to clean up the mess the following day.

In my personal opinion, people should not let what politicians say unduly influence their medical decisions, but it’s a reality that many do. There are no doubt people who listened to Biden’s remarks yesterday or read about them later in the news and thought that if they go to the doctor or hospital that a healthcare worker couldn’t transmit COVID to them.

Where are fact-checkers on this? In the past, online commentators were banned or censored and websites traffic throttled because they posted alleged misinformation regarding COVID vaccines.

Politifact was busy laughably proclaiming that the debate over photo ID requirements in elections laws was far more “nuanced” than polls showing broad, bipartisan supportThey suggested that they believed a lie which was later debunked accidentally. Their own writing

The Associated Press fact check department utterly beclowned themselves by falsely “reporting” that conservatives were incorrect to claim that the National School Boards Association labeled concerned parents as “domestic terrorists” in a letter to Biden urging him to instruct the DOJ, the FBI, and the DHS to look into alleged threats that were made against them by parents opposed to the implementation of Critical Race Theory in public school classrooms – even though the letter specifically mentioned the words “domestic terrorism” DoubleReferring to parents.

CNN’s resident fact-checker Daniel Dale was busy chuckling over a satirical “missing persons” piece done on his recent absence from the Twitter machine, noting that he was vacationing. In fairness, Dale’s probably having to play catch up by sifting through mountains of claims made by Republicans and statements made by former President Trump because those are far more of a priority to CNN than dangerously false claims related to public health matters made by the current occupant of the Oval Office.

Washington Post “fact-checker” Glenn Kessler was spotted earlier this week trying to make sure that Biden’s comments regarding Sen. Kyrsten Sinema about how being followed into and filmed in the bathroom being something that happened “to everybody” and “part of the process” were not misconstrued to make Biden sound like the completely insensitive jerk that he is.

In case you haven’t guessed already, I’ve had it up to here with these people, who are portrayed by the media as the gatekeepers of truth. It is far from the truth. Actually, fact-checkers can be described as an arm of Fourth Estate and actively promote misinformation. And when they’re not doing that, they’re ignoring statements made by Democrats that deserve the same amount of intense scrutiny they give Republican claims.

Chris Rufo, a leading anti-CRT activist declared war against fact-checkers on Thursday. I fully agree with the sentiments expressed below.

To put it another way, the truth-checking industry must be destroyed. And while they’re doing a fine job of it on their own, the onus is also on their critics to put them on full blast on social media and in pieces like this one to amplify and thoroughly shame them over their failures. It’s the only way some of them will ever learn.

FlashbackGlenn Kessler, Daniel Dale and Glenn Kessler give up the game in a mad rush to defend embarrassing Biden mic cut moment

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