Joe Biden Makes Disgusting Statement About Trump Supporters, Lies About Possible Abortion Ruling – Opinion

After all the confusion and lunacy surrounding Roe V. Wade over the past two days, the White House allowed the president to leave the basement. In a deplorable, lies-filled speech, Joe Biden slanderously spoke about the Supreme Court and Trump supporters.

Let’s start with the clip that is currently going viral in which Biden claimed the “MAGA crowd” is the “most extreme political organization that’s existed in American history.”

Of course, the senile old coot corrected himself, changing his statement to “recent” American history, but either way, it’s an insane comment to make. Biden ought to know that far-left domestic terrorist organizations of the 1960s were there because he was in his middle years. He should know that organizations currently exist that want to completely destroy America’s system of governance in exchange for some mix of anarchy and communism because he claims to still be sentient at this moment. The idea that your MAGA grandma is the “most extreme” being to ever grace this great nation is so absurd as to be laughable.

Are you aware of what Trump supporters are looking for? Trump supporters want to win elections and stop illegal immigration. They also want low taxes. How absolutely “extreme,” right? They aren’t attacking anything, and before someone mumbles “but January 6th,” that was a tiny group of disconnected people who have been severely punished, some unjustly. If we want to disqualify entire political parties due to violence incidents, the 2020 BLM riots will result in the Democrat Party being completely disqualified. These riots did more harm than the January 6th incident.

Ironically, the MAGA Movement largely represents policy moderation, while the left attempts to drag the country deeper into madness, which includes the promotion of the mutilation and killing of children. It’s not Trump supporters who are suggesting men can become women and that kids need to have access to gay pornography in schools. So spare us all the rants about being “extreme.” No movement in the country is currently more extreme than the one Biden ostensibly leads.

Biden pointedly misled about the meaning of Roe being overturned.

What state is proposing that “LGBT children,” an oxymoron in itself, not be in the same classroom as other children? Further, Alito’s draft decision, if it ends up being the final result, makes clear that the Supreme Court’s reasons for overturning Roe are not transferrable to things like gay marriage and interracial marriage, which rely on an equal protection argument. Yet, Democrats like Biden continue to shout lies in order to create fear and possible violence for the Justices who are poised to reverse Roe.

Lastly, it is monstrous for Biden to use his supposed “devout” religious views to try to make an argument that there is an inherent “right” to abortion given by God. Does he sound anything like a “devout” Catholic to you? It’s one thing to hold a perverse viewpoint. That’s bad enough. But to then twist God himself into being a supporter of abject evil is…abject evil.

For those of us on the left who believe Democrats can return to some sanity, these last days should have been instructive. It’s not going to happen. They are going to keep pushing, and that’s why it’s more important than ever for Republicans to be willing to fight back.

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