Joe Biden Made a BooBoo – Opinion

The nagging presumption that Joe Biden isn’t capable of tying his shoes let alone running the country isn’t new. Anyone with a pair of eyeballs can see that Joe the “CornPop” slayer seems to “think” about every step he takes before he takes it. Joe is a robot-like man. Jill, Joe’s night-nurse, was aware years ago of her husband’s decline, but she wanted to be in the White House and care more about him than her country. Joe’s a wreck

Now “rumors” of Joe Biden being fed chemicals are bubbling to the surface. It’s rather clear that the DNC wants him gone. Joe’s “coattails” are millstones dragging the Democrats down. Biden will soon freeze in the public. The effect will be like someone turned the switch off. He might be eating another cone of vanilla and he’ll forget how to swallow. The Democrats will blame a “brain freeze.” They won’t be far from the truth.

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