Joe Biden Hits Another Record Low—and Things Gets Even Worse When You Dig Deeper – Opinion

I’ve been saying for a while that unlike Barack Obama and Donald Trump, Joe Biden has no floor when it comes to his support. Blame that on what you will, but I’m feeling pretty good about that assertion right now.

ABC News and The Washington Post have released their latest survey. The current White House resident fell to an unprecedented low of 37% approval. The numbers are even worse if you get into them. So stay tuned.

Only 30 percent approval among independents is honestly a number I never thought I’d see. Even though I was certain Biden’s presidency would be a failure (I mean, look at the guy’s history), I figured his ho-hum “return to normalcy” schtick would carry enough weight to keep him at least in the 40s among independents through his first mid-term. But, the first year of Biden’s presidency has been everything but normal, with Russia’s invasion of Europe being yet another mark on the board against those who insisted decorum should be the top qualification during the 2020 election. Yes, elections have consequences.

But, as I stated, it gets worse when you look at the numbers. The generic ballot shows a huge seven point advantage for Republicans, but the lead increases to an astonishing 13 points when it is adjusted to include those more likely to vote in November. That’s so horrific for the Democrat Party that I’m not even sure what that would look like. Really, it’s hard to game out.

Recall that Republicans were able to win wave elections such as 2010, while only holding a 2- or 3-point advantage on the generic vote. What’s a 13-point lead going to translate to if that’s anywhere close to the number on election day? Even though there are only nine seats in the gap, a 60+ seat increase is possible. Winning 53 to 54 Senate seats Are Republicans sweeping the states to power at an unprecedented level? Is this the sweet meteor of death?

To add more negative news for the left, the poll concluded the day Russia invaded Ukraine. It is logical to assume that Biden’s approval is going to drop further, given his fecklessness (including dealing with EU countries like Germany) and lack of strategic sense helped empower Putin to make his move. Further, though they are hanging tough right now, if Ukraine has to eventually make concessions to Putin that make it beholden to Russia again, that disaster is going to fall squarely on the West’s leadership, with Joe Biden being first and foremost.

Were we going to see Democrat-favoring surveys like the ABC News poll showing Biden at the lower 30s? It’s not unthinkable anymore.

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