Joe Biden Has a Senile Moment and Makes a Promise Sure to Tick Americans Off – Opinion

Joe Biden really lives in another world. As RedState reported earlier today, the president’s approval numbers have cratered, with him reaching an all-time low in FiveThirtyEight’s polling average. Is he learning anything? Are they changing their course? No, he is not.

He demonstrated his inability to adapt perfectly today during a speech that he delivered. It had many laughable moments, but it also contained a promise sure to be cherished by many Americans.

We’ll just start with the senility first before we get to the more serious stuff.

I can run the numbers again, but I’m pretty sure Biden didn’t ride the train every day for 36 years while serving eight years as vice president. That just makes no sense at all, but even assuming he misspoke and meant his Senate career, he also didn’t Amtrak every day for 36 years in that case either. Biden is like all others, a guy who says nothing. He’s always exaggerating and trying to put himself at the center of whatever story he’s telling, whether it’s riding trains or having an altercation with a mythical man named Corn Pop.

There’s something very narcissistic about the general way in which Biden speaks. There’s also something narcissistic about how he conducts policy. Biden loves trains, or at least that’s what he claimed in this speech. So what’s he want to do? Take your car and make everyone ride trains. You don’t care what you do, right?

This is how it works. I don’t want to take a train. Since I have lived in Washington, D.C., many years, there is no way that any part of my body wants to return to the metros or trains. It’s time-consuming, expensive, inconvenient, and uncomfortable. It’s also really limiting. You can’t take a train to your friend’s driveway or to the store. It’s better to walk, take the bus and take a train to get there. There’s a reason cars were invented in the first place.

The obsession with 1800s technology is absurd. There is not a shortage of oil outside of what’s caused by the government. Further, the numbers show that cars and light-duty trucks actually make up less than a quarter of the country’s carbon emissions (if that’s a thing you are worried about). People love their cars and, last time I checked, they are allowed to still have them because they like them.

If a president cared enough about his presidency to save it, he would end this absurdity and speak on issues that directly affect everyday Americans. Most people don’t spend their time worrying about the future of climate change or the lack of trains. Their children and the economy are their main concerns. And yes, they also want to have their vehicle when they like. Do they really have so many questions?

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