Joe Biden Finds a Scapegoat for the Record Inflation He Caused – Opinion

America’s middle class continues to be hammered by the inflation crisis. The wealthy get adjustment in their payments and those who are on government subsidy do not suffer the pain. However, the majority of Americans watch their savings disappear as prices for everything, from food to energy, skyrocket.

All the while, the man in the White House flails about, having caused it with his big-spending COVID-19 “rescue package” that was largely unnecessary. Bipartisan infrastructure boondoggle can also be blamed. Even worse, Joe Biden pushes for billions in additional spending through his stalled Build Back Better reconciliation bill. Because the Federal Reserve (a partisan joke) seeks to assist Democrats and donors (i.e. Wall Street, it won’t raise interest rates in an effort to control this.

All of this combined creates a disaster in slow motion. Biden must find a victim. He shouldn’t be held responsible for anything he has done. Well, the president thinks he’s found one: Big Meat.

It’s hard to fathom how someone could be this dishonest, but then I remember we are talking about a Democrat president and then it all makes sense. Really, let’s break down how absolutely nonsensical this excuse is.

While I’m not generally a fan of giant corporations, many of which have gone woke and continue to shovel cash to leftwing causes, the idea that Big Meat conglomerates are somehow raising prices out of pure greed just doesn’t add up. Are we to believe these companies only became greedy months into Biden’s presidency. That this unadulterated greed simply didn’t exist under the Trump administration? We are led to believe all of this greed manifested after Biden cut spending and sparked a huge inflationary boom. But, these things do not necessarily have to be linked.

This idea will make anyone laugh if they are able think critically. The problem is that many people in mainstream media are either too biased or unable to critically think. This means that this absurd distraction from Biden is actually going to work well for a small portion of America who gets their news through CNN or The Washington Post.

The truth is still out there. Prices of meat aren’t rising because people have greed. They are actually up because of the rising prices for almost everything, such as diesel fuel, raw materials, and other supplies needed to transport various animal parts to supermarkets. While I expect the gaslighting to continue, I think that most Americans can see past it.

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