Jill Biden Has to Prompt Joe as to What to Say at July 4th Celebration – Opinion

We’ve seen Joe Biden being stage-managed by his people in the past, to a degree that we haven’t ever seen before with anyone in that position. Another example was seen at the White House during July Fourth celebrations.

We’ve seen his handlers have to walk back and clean up his remarks when he’s made mistakes. Some of those “gaffes” — such as the “minor incursion” gaffe, indicating that a “minor incursion by Russia might not get a big response back from the United States — can lead to very bad consequences, such as Russia thinking it then has a green light to invade Ukraine. We’ve seen Biden handlers in the past try to rush the press out of the room whenever there’s a problem or when they don’t want to risk Biden taking questions. We’ve seen them provide such detailed step-by-step instructions for him to operate in an event where he just has to make a few simple remarks that it sounded like they were talking to a five-year-old.

Here’s Tucker Carlson breaking it down with Dr. Marc Siegel, noting there’s a problem with all this.

Perhaps the most troubling thing of those notes was the capitalization of the “YOU” as though they needed to keep clear for him who he was and what his role was, at every moment.

That’s an incredibly sad thing for him and shows how far he’s deteriorated. But it’s worse for us because it puts all of us in danger if we don’t have someone who can handle the executive functions of the job — if his handlers are always having to cover for him or prompt him as to what he has to do.

We saw it again on July 4, with Jill Biden as the handler, prompting him to tell the right words. She does this almost automatically, probably because she is forced to.

She prompts him to say, “God bless America” at the end of his remarks. But even with the prompting, he doesn’t seem to quite get that she’s telling him to say it. She then points her microphone at him and he says the words. That seems to trigger him then to say, “God bless our troops.” How bad is it when you have to be prompted to say, “God bless America”? And it looks like it’s getting worse when even the prompts aren’t working and they have to explicitly write out directions to that degree.

What will it take to make people stop playing this game? I think we’re rapidly approaching that point.

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