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British TV Host Explodes on Greta Thunberg in Unfiltered Interview: ‘Shut Up and Go Back to School’

A British broadcaster slammed Greta Thunberg as “mad” and “dangerous” during a recent interview with an Australian morning show.

Jeremy Clarkson, an English broadcaster who hosted the hit car show “Top Gear” until 2015, told the Seven Network’s “Sunrise” that the teen climate change activist “should shut up and go back to school.”

“She is mad and dangerous and she is causing young children sleepless nights,” Clarkson said when asked about Thunberg by “Sunrise’s” Hugh Whitfield.

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“I think she needs to go back to school and shut up.”

Clarkson also expressed skepticism about climate change when discussing filming for “The Grand Tour,” his latest TV series.

“I don’t think I have ever actually seen the effect of global warming. When you see those houses on stilts in the show … and the water is miles away, that is a remarkable thing,” he said.

Clarkson previously criticized Thunberg earlier this year in a column for The Sun.

“When a teenage girl has an angry, tearful strop, most parents just send them to their rooms until they’ve calmed down,” Clarkson wrote, referencing Thunberg’s star-making speech to United Nations leaders in September.

“However, when 16-year-old Greta Thunberg got on to the stage at the UN this week and had a full-on adolescent meltdown, she was deafened by the applause.”

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