Booker Complains About Lack of Black 2020 Candidates in Dem Party After Kamala Harris Drops Out

During a speech in Des Moines, Iowa on Thursday, Cory Booker lamented fellow Sen. Kamala Harris’ exit from the 2020 presidential race.

“It is a problem that we have an overall campaign  for the 2020 presidency that has more billionaires in it than black people,” Booker said.

Harris, a California Democrat, announced she was ending her presidential campaign earlier this week.

Booker blamed Harris’ struggles on lacking the “resources” she needed to continue campaigning in Iowa.

“It is a problem when an immensely qualified, widely supported, truly accomplished black woman running to lead the party — a party that is significantly empowered by black women voters — didn’t have the resources that she needed to continue here to Iowa,” he said.

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“What message is that sending that we heralded the most diverse field in our history, and now we’re seeing people like her dropping out of this campaign not because Iowa voters had the voice — voters did not determine her destiny?” Booker added.

Booker said that “black women voters” would have a “very large impact” on Democrats’ ability to defeat incumbent President Donald Trump in the 2020 election.

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Earlier this year, a survey conducted by Gen Forward, a polling initiative aimed at “understanding the challenges and opportunities faced by young people of color,” found that nearly 1 in 3 black people aged 18-36 believe the Democrat Party does not care about them.

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