Jeremy Bash: Biden Doing ‘Phenomenal Job’ On Ukraine, ‘Absolutely Perfectly’

The liberal media’s Biden Sycophant Sweepstakes would not be able to match CNN’s. John Harwood. In addition to calling him a shameless “sycophant,” we recently described Harwood as a Biden “lackey,” “lickspittle,” and “toady”. 

MSNBC’s Jeremy Bash, however has claimed the dubious title of MSM’s greatest Biden suckup. As his political donations indicate, Bash’s orations are a strong Democrat.

Bash went from being chief of staff for Leon Panetta in the Obama-Biden CIA and Defense Department to being an MSNBC “security analyst.” Today’s Morning JoeBash presented a Valentine’s Bouquet to Biden, albeit a little late, for his handling the possible Russian invasion in Ukraine.


Willie Geist asked Bash if he believed Putin was bluffing or intends to invade. Bash gave a brief response before launching into the bouquet for Biden.  

  • “I need to” “Give the Biden administration much of the credit.”
  • “The Biden Administration has done This is a great job.”
  • “The Biden administration” This phase was handled flawlessly.”

Bash needs to think twice about bash’s corroborated track record before praising Biden for handling the current foreign crisis.

After all, Bash is the same guy who, back in April 2021, said that Biden’s decision to signal to the Taliban that all US troops would be withdrawn from Afghanistan by September 11th was “A clear and correct decision was taken.”

How did that turn out for Jeremy?

Note: Geist could have misunderstood Bash’s compliments when he described Bash as “the best”.“Incredibly plugged in.”Willie did however admit that he was an MSNBC analyst. Bash serves as an intermediary between the White House and Bash, who funnels pro-Biden propaganda.

Morning Joe’s shameless Biden sycophant and MSNBC Security Analyst Jeremy Bash praised Biden for handling the Russian invasion in Ukraine. The praise was paid by Liberty Mutual, Celebrity Cruises and Dove.  

You can find the transcription here.

Morning Joe
6:20 am ET

WILLIE Geist: As President Biden continues to threat sanctions, the West keeps sending troops into eastern Europe. The West and United States take this matter seriously. 

Your connection is incredible.How do you feel about where Putin is at the moment? Do you think this is a joke or if he might actually cross that border?

JEREMY BAASH: I believe he is putting together all of the necessary mechanisms for invasion. However, I doubt he will make this decision in the last minute. He will, I believe, assess the tactical environment. 

However, I must. Give the Biden Administration a lot of credit, as we’ve been discussing. You know that phase zero is the decisive phase of war. We are in that phase right now. The phase is just before shooting begins. This is an information warfare campaign. 

This is what the Biden Administration has, I think. Amazing job Putin called his bluff and said any conspiracy he may use to invade is a fabrication. In this way, they have maintained their alliance unity and deterred Putin. We were able to close our Embassy, send 5,000 troops to Poland, set sanctions and gave a clear message that the West will respond if Putin invades. 

This phase is phase zero and I feel the Biden administration handled it. Absolutely perfect.

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