Jen Psaki, Professional Liar – Opinion

As a cartoonist, I’m gonna miss Jen Psaki. She’s an irrepressible political hack and professional liar, but I will miss her. Why? Because the lying isn’t going to stop, and the new press secretary seems to have no physical ticks to mock. Jen was hilarious with her hair flips, which is usually three per lie.

She was a condescending person with a great ability to keep her cool while not blatantly lying. These two talents seem to make her an ideal fit for MSDNC, her new employer. She will be paid a lot more to lie, and no doubt, she’ll be fed secrets from her chums at the White House.

Then she can break stories like home addresses of Supreme Court Justices, or maybe she’ll be the first talking head to announce that Biden has tasked a hit team to kill Vlad. This should kick off WWIII and Jen will be reporting on the incoming missiles.

Nah. On second thought, I really won’t miss her. Her mastery of lying would put Pinocchio to shame–and people like that are too common to count in Washington.

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