Jen and Tom Satterly’s Nonprofit Is Giving a Helping Hand to US Veterans and Military Members With PTSD – Opinion

Jen Satterly (CEO and co-founder) of All Secure Foundation is a wife and mother who wants to support the United States Military and Veterans with Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD).

“The war is home … whether our military and veterans want it to be or not.” Jen said.

Her father encouraged her as a high school student to be a National Geographic photographer. She traveled around the world and listened to other families’ stories. While traveling the globe, she met Tom Satterly. Tom is an decorated combat veteran.

Satterly has had mental health problems in her past. Now, she’s taking what she learned from those moments and trying to help the heroes who fought in war or are currently in the military suffering from PTSD.

“Our soldiers hate the term PTSD, in particular, the word ‘disorder.’ They don’t want to be labeled anything that makes them sound sick, like they can’t go back into the field, or weak, like they couldn’t kick the enemy’s a– when they need to.”

Tom Satterly was a 25-year veteran of the U.S. Army. Following similar traumas, Jen and Tom, the Satterlys are now determined to support families affected by trauma.

“After 25 years of combat service, he is retired, but the war followed him home.” Jen said.

Tom’s message is clear. The more veterans wait, the longer they don’t reach out for help, the longer they will suffer.

“We try to tell the veterans now that we work with today, ‘The length of time you wait to get help is how long you’ll suffer,’” Tom Satterly told Fox News Digital during a recent phone interview.

Jen and Tom’s goal is to get relief for these veterans, military members, and their families. They understand the trauma and toll it takes on everyone involved — whether it’s family, military member, or the veteran, and due to their incredible nonprofit foundation, they are helping families heal one by one.

“If we can just break this stigma and get people the help they need, that’s what we’re all about.”

Jen learned that trauma doesn’t necessarily happen after they leave the military. “It happens at the moment of trauma, not after,” she said. “A lot of people think, ‘Oh, I’ll get it when I get out,’ or ‘It’ll hit me when I get out.’” Jen continued, saying that is “a completely false narrative. It’s happening now to them and it’s tearing them apart and tearing their families apart.”

Jen and Tom stressed the importance of asking for help.

“It’s actually a sign of strength to address this,”

Veterans, military personnel, and their families deserve help. Jen and Tom Satterly are responsible for ensuring that veterans and military personnel receive the help they need.

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