Man Says Family of 13-Year-Old Girl Brutally Beat Him After They Caught Him Having Sex With Her

A Louisiana man says he was beaten by the family of a 13-year-old girl after they caught him having sex with her.

Javionne Thomas, 18, has been charged with felony carnal knowledge of a juvenile, the Associated Press reported.

When Monroe sheriff’s deputies responded to a call regarding an injured person on Sunday, Thomas told police he was attacked by a girl’s family after they discovered him having sex with the girl, according to a police report.

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Following an investigation, deputies learned the girl was underage. Thomas claimed he did not know how old the girl was and declined to press charges against the family.

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He was taken to a hospital and booked after being released.

Vigilante justice against adults who have sex with minors isn’t an unheard of phenomenon

In April, a 42-year-old Paraguayan woman living in Buenos Aires confessed to sealing her lover’s murdered corpse in concrete after she allegedly discovered he was a pedophile who sexually abused her 13-year-old son, according to reports from multiple Argentinian outlets.

the actual murder took place last December, Argentinian outlet Infocielo reported. Local police investigating the case discovered the body of 28-year-old Richard Alejandro Sanchez encased inside a dresser, encased in concrete, and swarming with flies.

Footage taken inside the home where Sanchez was found shows blood stains on the floors of the residence and forensic police in masks bagging up evidence.

“I killed my lover. I put him in a dresser,” Acosta is said to have told police, according to Argentinian news site Infobae. “I did it because he abused my son.”

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She reportedly killed Sanchez while he was lying face down by striking him between seven and nine times in the head with a hammer and then strangling him with a cable before hiding his body and trapping it in cement.

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