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Another “violent gun crime,” another Democrat rush to call for further restricting the Second Amendment rights of American citizens. RedState reports that Shinzo, an ex-prime minister of Japan, was killed while making a campaign speech at Nara in Japan.

Like clockwork, as reported by my colleague Brandon Morse, Joe Biden’s White House nearly broke its gun-control neck as it rushed to put out another predictable, exploitative statement, purportedly under Biden’s name, who, chances are, was still asleep. Either way, here’s how some of This reads:

We know from experience that it is unacceptable to use violence and that the effects of gun violence on communities are always devastating.

This ridiculous claim has become so trite I’m not even going to comment on it.

“Biden” said, in full:

My friend Abe Shinzo was killed and shot while campaigning. This shocks me deeply. This tragedy is devastating for Japan, and everyone who was close to Abe Shinzo. As Prime Minister Abe, I was fortunate to be able to collaborate with him. I was Vice President and visited Prime Minister Abe in Tokyo. He also welcomed me to Washington.

He championed the Alliance of our Nations and friendship among our people. He was the longest-serving Japanese Prime minister. His vision of an open Indo-Pacific free from all restrictions will always be remembered. His greatest attribute was his deep concern for Japan and the dedication he made to serving them.

He was still engaged in democracy work even though he was being attacked. Although we don’t yet have all the details, we know that it is unacceptable to commit violence and that any gun violence causes a lasting scare in those affected. Japan is supported by the United States in this difficult time. To his loved ones, I offer my deepest sympathy.

One problem. Two, actually, with the first one being “laughable,” only in respect to the left’s predictable rush to demand additional gun-control measures after every mass shooting or other high-profile “gun crime.” As reported by the Associated Press, the shooter used “a double-barreled device that appeared to be a handmade gun.” This raises a simple question, my Democrat friends:

Please point me to the correct one. Democrat-demandedA gun control law would have stopped Abe from making his own weapon to kill him. Cue the “Final Jeopardy” music; I’ll wait.

Now, the Fly realThe Democrat gungrabber ointment

Japan’s gun laws are among the most strict in the entire world. According to the University of Sydney’s GunPolicy.org, Japan bans so-called “assault weapons,” handguns, and private gun sales.

Furthermore, Japanese citizens are only allowed to own certain firearms, such as shotguns or rifles. Legally obtaining legal guns can be difficult.

A would-be shotgun or rifle purchaser must first acquire a gun owner’s license, which is dependent upon passing a rigorous criminal and mental health background check, and submitting acceptable third-party character references. Moreover, a would-be gun owner’s family history is thoroughly searched to ensure the individual has no propensity for violence.

Um, Joe? Entire Democrat Party? CNN or MSNBC? [Cue the crickets.]

In addition, there’s no set time by which background checks must be completed, and even when they are, purchasers are limited to one firearm. The license must also be renewed at least every three years.

Yet, the former prime minister of Japan lies dead in a morgue, today; not as a result of “gun violence,” but of the actions of a determined individual who plotted to take Abe’s life — presumably by any means necessary, so he made his own weapon and carried out his plan.

My Democrat friends, evil does not follow laws. It is the law-abiding Americans’ practice, including those who own guns. But facts don’t matter: The Democrat gungrabber song continues.

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