Fear Mongering Salon Claims Abortion Waiting Periods Will Kill People

Post-abortionists continue to be portrayed by the insane left-wing media.Roe America, a postapocalyptic wasteland. This group of abortion zealots like the Outlet Salon are using every possible card including the Mother Argument. 

Nicole Karlis, Salon writer claims the waiting period for abortion will make America more dangerous. 

Karlis, in true pro-abortion media fashion, convinces her readers of the dangers of waiting for abortion and the possibility of killing babies. Karlis asks for the support of a pro-abortion radical gynecologist in order to communicate her views. 

“Requiring a waiting period adds to the already high burden that exists to access abortion care for people who are pregnant,”  Dr. Melissa Simon told Salon.People with less resources, people in rural areas and individuals who identify as minorities, sexual or gender minority and persons with disabilities are most affected by this burden. 

Do Dr. Simon really have a problem with children born in families of low resource or gender minorities? Simon said, “It is not a medical advantage to force a person wanting or needing abortion to wait.” Simon said, “In fact, it is dangerous to require a waiting period.” The Hippocratic oath states that a doctor does not believe in the medical benefits of babies being born. 

Simon defends abortion by using the inaccurate “life of the mother” argument.  

“Adding a waiting period to the travel required to go to a state that has no abortion ban could pose serious risk to a pregnant person’s life,” Simon said, “Severe pulmonary hypertension or some types of Marfan Syndrome with substantial dilation of the Aorta are two examples of conditions which pose high risks of dying as the pregnancy progresses.” 

Of course, abortions performed to “save the life of the mother” only make up 1.14% of all abortions, but Simon knows that. Many other options exist that will save both the mother’s life and the baby’s. Karlis and Dr. Simon don’t want to encourage the murder of infants for their religion. 

Karlis calls in the ACLU, a left-wing puppet to take on the waiting period. 

“Mandating delays in abortion mean that women seek to have abortions without proper reflection, and they are incapable of making rational and moral decisions concerning their health, future and well-being,” states the American Civil Liberties Union. The truth is that almost all women arrive at clinics fully informed about the reasons they are seeking an abortion. 

An abortion is an irrevocable deprivation or the loss of the right to life. However, the ACLU feels that the most important right is the one to be able to undergo the procedure at any time the woman finds it desirable or convenient. That’s not a serious position on personal rights. But there’s not much serious about Salon and other abortion enthusiasts.

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