It Doesn’t Start With Guns

WASHINGTON – There are around 400 million guns owned privately in America. Maybe I’m exaggerating. Consider that only 350 million firearms are in the private hands of Americans. This still implies that there are more firearms than Americans. To gather these weapons, it will take many cops. Show these numbers to the progressive next time they call for defunding police. What about giving gunowners a nice sum to buy their guns? But what if gunowners in America don’t want to sell guns? They may want to bargain over price. The purchase of all of these guns is going to be a time-consuming and expensive undertaking. I would wager that the police and criminals will still have firearms after the project has been completed.

The public has reached a critical mass, but we still demand that guns are taken from the hands of private gun owners. The solution to the mental health problem is becoming more popular. A campaign is being launched to promote mental health. Although I don’t know where the campaign will go, I believe that virtue-faunters or do-gooders will find a similar solution for mental health to gun collection. Is there anyone truly mentally ill? Is Charlie really mentally ill?

The problem of gun violence goes deeper than a mad lunatic with a gun, and is not just confined to one person. There are many places in America where violence is rampant, but there’s not much Americans can do. It’s getting worse.

Frankly, Highland Park killer, Illinois would have been captured years ago, given the humiliation he had to undergo. Today, however, the killer doesn’t look any different to the Starbucks guy who served coffee. He looked like a freak. It was amazing. He is just like the man working at Starbucks and at the Hertz counter in the airport. If you have concerns about his attire or disfigurement, the American Civil Liberties Union is available to help. For those who continue living like the Highland Park freak, many organizations will accept their case.

Violence and cruelty are all around us, in our entertainments as well as our schools. It’s everywhere, all over the place, even on TV. Although churches and hospitals seem to be immune, ten or twenty years ago I discovered violence and cruelty in a unlikely location: the library of my village. Some homeless had discovered a place to meet in a library, which was not conducive to their disruption.

As I was contemplating America’s growing chaos, I came across a thought that had been bothering me for many years. What was America’s approach to the homeless in 1950s America? The cartoons of hobos are well-known to most of us. We also had the homeless in the past. What did they do to deal with them? I believe they were either escorted along the streets or taken into custody. This is how we dealt with many incorrigible misfits. They never became a problem. These people threaten the stability of society.

Our culture is a great place to start if you are looking to improve civility in public spaces. It’s time to clean it all. There should be no more public use of course language. We must eliminate violence from the entertainments. Bring back the dignity of public life. On the evening news, I saw an advertisement for Jeep cars. This advertisement showed dinosaurs walking through the streets and threatening citizens of an American city. A huge, hungry dinosaur attacked a person’s head in the scene of denouement. It was meant to inspire viewers to purchase a Jeep. Our culture has some shining spots. People are generous. We are a charitable people. We still have 350 million guns.

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