‘Isn’t Biden the Greatest?’ Slobbers MSNBC Analyst, Says Judge ‘Pandering’ to Trump!

Is it the lack of irony and hypocrisy of these MSNBC people? Last week, we caught Tiffany Cross on her MSNBC show, agreeing that “dehumanizing or othering” political opponents could provoke violence. It was just seconds after Cross had insulted Donald Trump personally and called him an “animal” by calling him an animal.

On Sunday, it was the turn of MSNBC analyst Cynthia Alksne to display her lack of the irony gene. Jonathan Capehart hosts the Sunday Show. Alksne began by accusing a federal judge of “pandering” to Trump by indicating that she was inclined to grant his request for a special master regarding documents at Mar-a-Lago.

Alksne was just moments away from slamming Trump’s assertion that he had declassified documents and exclaimed “isn’t him the greatest!” Biden was mocking Trump’s claims that he has declassified documents. Biden mocked Trump, telling a reporter that he had declassified “everything in the world.”

Cynthia is now “pandering”, so who are you?

Michael Steele (the former RNC Chairman and member of the scandalous Lincoln Project) subbed for Capehart. He chuckled through Alksne’s admiration of Biden and agreed to add multiple “rights”.

Note: Alksne is married to Democratic strategist Steve McMahon. She also offered some strategies to Dems earlier in the segment. She suggested that the issue of Trump holding documents at Mar-a-Lago be put on hold until after the midterms, and that, for now, Democrats should focus on “Roe, Roe, Roe your vote.”

Cynthia Alksne (MSNBC analyst) said that Biden was “isn’t the greatest?” After accusing Trump’s judge of “pandering”, he was sponsor in part by Progressive & 4Imprint.

You can find the transcription here.

MSNBC’s Jonathan Capehart on Sunday’s Show
10:02 am EDT

MICHAELSTEELE: It’s a double-parter. First, what do you think of the fact that intelligence agencies now have to review national security threats? That’s it.

CYNTHIA ALKSNE : It’s important they do that right now. And they should do it quietly before the election. I feel like we need to get all the information to them—they probably have it by now. This is why the hearing is absurd. They already know all of the details. 

They conduct the analysis. For a time, everything will be quiet before the election. We can then focus on Roe Roe Roe and your vote [Alksne and Steele laugh]by the elections. 

After the election, the Justice Department will start to file more documents. Then, we can address the aftermath of Trump’s hoarding of highly classified documents.

STEELE How do you feel about the Trump Team’s special master approach, and the apparent willingness of the Judge to accept it?

ALKSNE: It would be called “The Greatest” pandering. This is the term that the judge has used. There won’t be any special master, I don’t think. He requested one because Rudy had one in his attorney-client case. 

It is not an attorney-client privilege matter. In their quest to appoint special masters, they have used the wrong statutes. In executive-privilege matters, there is no special master. Executive-privilege case must be submitted in D.C., according to the Presidential Records Act. Florida is where this was filed. It’s not in Florida. And there is no special master for classified-information cases. 

Also, this is what I believe Only a matter of days before we see the end. pandering Trump judge ends the caseThis is because there won’t be any special master and this delay tactic.

. . . 

STEELE: Cynthia. The White House is in an interesting place here. It was a bit creepy, but it is very, very interesting. The investigators have been cautious not to give any statements that could get people excited or hinder the investigation. Or be perceived to do so. 

However, the president allowed a slight slip this week. So.

ALKSNE: He isn’t the greatest!

STEELE: Yeah, well.

ALKSNE: That’s what I meant. It’s all up to him to just call it as he sees. 

STEEE: He did.

ALKSNE – He won’t touch it.

STEELE: Just a quick listen. Let’s hear what he has to say.

REPORTER: Donald Trump claimed that he had declassified all of these documents. Are they all possible to have been declassified? 

JOE BIDEN – Why do you want to find out? All things in the universe are now declassifiable. I’m president. You can do anything. Come on—he declassified everything.I won’t comment. It is because I do not know all the details. It’s not something I want. Let the Justice Department handle it.

STEELE: Real quick.

ALKSNE: That’s it. He is out of malarkeys [Steele laughs.] That’s true, however. The whole argument of declassification is stupid in two different ways. It’s false in one way. 

STEELE: Right.

ALKSNE – You can’t declassify everything. Two: If you claim that I have all the documents and you declassified the rest, then you are admitting you do have them. This is a problem that you need to be investigated. 

STEELE: Right.

ALKSNE : But if the documents were truly classified, the New York Times would allow anyone to file FOIA requests. All our sensitive documents would then be accessible for all the world. 

STEELE: Right.

ALKSNE – That argument doesn’t work. Biden is out of money, I get that. malarkeysIt is, for good reasons.

Steele: For good reasons. It is beautiful. I love it., Cynthia Alksne. 

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