Adam Kinzinger Implodes With Hillary Comments and Who He Will Support in Midterms – Opinion

Rep. Adam Kinzinger (R-IL) appeared on “Meet the Press” on Sunday with Chuck Todd.

Once again, he made clear that he can’t see the forest for the trees. His hatred of President Donald Trump is all he sees. He said that he would support radical Democrats over Republicans he considered against “democracy.”

“Liz Cheney said in some cases she may have to help a Democrat win against sort of an anti-democracy Republican. Do you feel that is what you will be doing the next couple of years or so?” host Chuck Todd asked.

“Yes,” Kinzinger responded. “The bottom line is the biggest threat to our country is democracy [sic]. And if you have Republicans that are running against even left-wing Democrats that believe in democracy and believe in voting, that person should be elected over somebody who would basically overthrow the will of the people and, ultimately, destroy this country.”

Kinzinger believes that questioning an electoral process is bad. Except that Democrats serving on the Jan. 6 Committee will do so and refuse to accept electors like Rep. Jamie Raskin (D–MD). Then it’s okay to work with them to do in Republicans. It’s okay to throw in with Democrats who want to control the Supreme Court by packing it, who want to overthrow one of the central parts of our Constitution — the electoral college. It’s okay to throw in with Democrats who endorse marching on the homes of Supreme Court justices and intimidating them to get what the Democrats want. Kinzinger supports Democrats that paid money for a foreign national using cut-outs. This was done to support a false Russia colusion narrative which was used with the FBI to target Trump.

Kinzinger would prefer to vote for a left-leaning Democrat. Has he seen what’s been going on in this country and how Biden has destroyed it over the past 20 months? If it wasn’t already clear that Kinzinger and Cheney are just Democrats, his remarks on “Meet the Press” make it clear.

He finished it by ridiculing Republican concerns regarding Hillary Clinton and downplaying the things she did.

I mean, the hypocrisy of folks in my party that spent year chanting, “Lock her up,” about Hillary Clinton because of some deleted emails or, quote/unquote, “wiping a server,” are now out there defending a man who very clearly did not take the national security of the United States to heart. And it’ll be up to DOJ whether or not that reaches the level of indictment. This is unacceptable to me. Evidently, this is unacceptable behavior from a president.

Kinzinger, talk about hypocrisy! Clinton wasn’t the president; she didn’t have the right to declassify anything, as Trump did. She also set up an entire private server in order to hide her actions from the government, which contained classified documents. It wasn’t just wiping emails. She also deleted emails. But Kinzinger just dismisses that and doesn’t care about the rule of law being enforced when it comes to her; he doesn’t care about the two-tier system of justice.

Because she had confidential documents, her house was never searched. She was given a pass. It’s the very difference in the way the two situations were handled that proves the bias now going on. Is Trump the only person who can declassify information? Kinzinger shouldn’t pretend that he gives a darn about the rule of law. All he cares about is his next gig — being the “Republican” talking head on MSNBC. This is the essence of this.

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