Is Slovakia Next? Former Soviet Satellite to Send Fuel, Artillery Ammo to War-Torn Ukraine – Opinion

The whole situation could spiral out of control quickly and become far more disastrous than it is now.

Former Soviet Union satellite state Slovakia — as part of now-defunct Czechoslovakia — is urgently sending millions of dollars worth of aircraft fuel and artillery ammunition to embattled Ukraine, as Vladimir Putin’s ruthless Russian Army continues to indiscriminately pound Kyiv, the brave nation’s capital.

According to Reuters Saturday report, Jaroslav Nad, Slovakia’s Defense Minister confirmed the shipment of artillery as well as fuel in an amount exceeding $12.39 Million. Initial shipment will include 12,000 rounds 120-millimeter caliber ammunition and 10 million liters (2.4 million US gallons of diesel fuel) as well as initial shipment of fuel worth $12.39 million.

Let’s step back a minute and consider the strategic importance of Slovakia—and potential danger—in the mind of the obviously mad, little dictator in the Kremlin. Czechoslovakia was peacefully split into the Czech Republic on January 1, 1993.

Since then, the United States and Slovakia has had strong diplomatic relations and have cooperated in law enforcement and military areas. Slovakia, since its accession to the Alliance in 2004, has been an important ally of NATO (North Atlantic Treaty Organization). Both countries share a common commitment to human rights and freedom.

It doesn’t take a geopolitical genius to connect the above dots. The Czech Republic borders Slovakia on its northwest, while Ukraine and Poland border it on the north, east, and south. All Western options would cease to exist if Putin attempted to strike Slovakia.

It is necessary zero stretch of one’s imagination to suggest the U.S. might get directly involved militarily if Putin again miscalculates and becomes even more insane. Then again, given Putin’s degree of paranoia – yes, naysayers, the former KGB agent is not only paranoid as hell about the West; he is paranoid about democracy springing up in former Soviet puppet states – all of These betsWould be Place it on the Table indeed.

According to two EU officials, Germany authorized the Netherlands for Ukraine to receive 400 rocket-propelled launchers from its country. If true, this marks an abrupt shift in Berlin’s military policy amid growing pressure from EU and NATO allies.

Politico offers additional updates

Poland has begun sending land ammunition, while Estonia, Latvia, and the Czech Republic have said that they began to ship fuel, Javelin weapons of anti-armor and other supplies to Ukraine’s border. Other places, the Czech Republic stated it would send weapons and ammunition. […]

The Netherlands said it will send 200 Stinger anti-aircraft defense systems to Ukraine — often the top-requested type of military aid among Ukrainian soldiers and officials (apart from Western powers sending their own planes and forces to fight alongside Ukraine). And Belgium announced it would supply Ukraine with 2,000 machine guns and 3,800 tonnes of fuel.

[Additionally], the United States on Saturday also upped its ongoing military assistance to Ukraine, authorizing up to $350 million to help bolster Ukraine’s defenses, funding that will include “further lethal defensive assistance.”

The question is still open. Will the above “cohesiveness” set Putin back on his communist heels and force him to rethink his miscalculations, or will it hasten a much larger European war and ultimately suck in the United States—with which the world became all too familiar Do it twiceWhat is the 20th Century like?

No matter how many know-it-all keyboard experts, there is a large number of writers and readers who seem to have an inexplicable ability to inform everyone about what the next step will be. [sarc]It is difficult to say at the moment. There are too many potentially-moving parts that have not yet moved—and ultimately Might Oder You might be able to. 

How do you define it? Not impossibleIt is difficult to discern if this reality exists. A egomaniacal dictator, with grand visions from the past glory days in the Soviet Union torturing his mind while stewing inside the Kremlin with a career politician. zero resolve—and even less integrity—and an uncanny ability to do The wrong thing for America at The worst thing about it allThe occupied White House Oval Office Oval Office is being occupied by the Resolute Desk.

What could go wrong in hell?

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