IRONY: NYT Wails Biden’s Disinformation Governance Board a ‘Victim’ of ‘Disinformation’

The New York Times had a cow over the apparent demise of President Joe Biden’s Disinformation Governance Board and painted it as a victim of — wait for it — disinformation.

Times “veteran” foreign and national security correspondent Steven Lee Meyers published an asinine story headlined: “A Panel to Combat Disinformation Becomes a Victim of It.” Meyers mourned that the Department of Homeland Security was “suspending the work” of the DGB “intended to combat disinformation after what the department described as a deliberate disinformation campaign.” According to Meyers’ lament, “the fiercest denunciations came from the right,” which included correct characterizations of the DGB as “an Orwellian Ministry of Truth that would police people’s speech.” The DHS paused the DGB’s operations after significant backlash.

Meyers pleaded that being a Ministry of Truth “was never the board’s mandate, a department spokesman said in a written statement.” Ah, so the “Ministry of Truth” narrative wasn’t true because a “Ministry of Truth” loyalist said so? Meyers proceeded to act like a mouthpiece for the DHS: “Instead, it was meant to coordinate the department’s various agencies in the fight against Malicious disinformation from foreign enemies drug or human traffickers or other international crime groups.” Did Meyers forget that former DGB executive director Nina Jankowicz once parroted Biden’s talking points that the now-verified New York Post Hunter Biden laptop story was a “Russian influence op?” 

But Meyers channeled his inner Taylor Lorenz and sprung to Jankowicz’s defense, whining that she “submitted her resignation on Wednesday after facing vitriolic and highly personal harassment and abuse online.” Meyers never specified what “highly personal harassment and abuse online” Jankowicz supposedly endured. Lorenz, the infamous “crybully” Washington Post columnist who doxxed the owner of the popular Libs of TikTok Twitter account, also lashed out over Jankowicz’s departure in a story headlined: “How the Biden administration let right-wing attacks derail its disinformation efforts.” Lorenz attempted to label as “far right” those who disagreed with the left’s position and moaned that Jankowicz was the target of “vicious, coordinated” attacks before the board paused. To quote the old adage: “Birds of a feather flock together.”

Meyers proceeded to cite the government loyalist as somehow of a flex against DGB critics:

‘False attacks have become a significant distraction from the department’s vitally important work to combat disinformation that threatens the safety and security of the American people,’  the department’s statement said.”

Citing the Ministry of Truth to say it isn’t a Ministry of Truth isn’t the “Got ‘eem” rebuttal Meyers says it is.

Conservatives under attack  Contact The New York Times at 1-(800) 698-4637 and demand it stop acting like a shill for Biden’s Ministry of Truth.


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