Intelligence Bulletin on ‘Right-Wing’ Violence Is Why the Intel Community Is Hopelessly Compromised – Opinion

After the leaked majority draft decision to overturn Roe V. WadeThis appears to have been the actual vote, but the extreme-left and media allies are becoming increasingly hostile.

Los Angeles witnessed violence in the early days, including vandalism and physical confrontations by police. Things have escalated to some Supreme Court Justices’ homes. John Roberts and Brett Kavanaugh were all targeted. Samuel Alito was reportedly forced to move to safe locations as the protesters are still outside his home. Meanwhile, in Wisconsin, a pro-life organization’s office was spray-painted and set on fire.

Since the 2000 BLM Riots, the far-left has been waging a violent war on the left. Things are picking up, and there is the possibility of intense escalation once that decision has been made. RoeOfficial.

One might ask if this would serve as a wakeup call to the federal government regarding threat assessment. Repeatedly, we’ve seen leaked documents or open testimony constantly decrying the dangers of “far-right” extremism. There is a far-left that’s becoming more dangerous.

So what’s the intelligence community doing right now about it, you might ask? They are putting out intelligence bulletins on…threats to abortion clinics.

This assessment comes from Homeland Security’s Maryland Coordination and Analysis Center. All you have to do is shake your head. There are dangerous crowds as I type this still in front of Justice Alito’s home shouting threats. Lori Lightfoot, the Democrat Mayor of Chicago, gave a “call to arms” on Tuesday morning to supporters of Roe. No climbing fencing was installed at the Supreme Court. It is the left who is making a threat in all these cases.

Homeland Security is here, along with intelligence agencies, talking about right-wing threats against abortion clinics. It’s astonishing, especially when you consider how rare attacks on abortion clinics are. By the left’s own stats, which are questionable in and of themselves, there have been 11 murders tied to “anti-abortion violence” since 1977.

In contrast, the BLM Riots of 2020 saw more deaths (25) than any other time in 40+ years. In recent years, violence like this has been almost nonexistent. To find out when the last abortion physician or staff member died because of their job, you need to look back at 2009.

Let’s be very clear: any type of violence against an institution as deplorable and as such should be strongly condemned. But for the intelligence community to act as though it’s abortion clinics that are at high risk right now is laughable. The pro-life movement is not planning to attack abortion clinics one time. RoeThis is wrong. That doesn’t even make any sense.

This bulletin mimics a report from CNN last week which also asserted that “right-wing” violence is the current threat even as the left publicly lashes out over the possible Roe decision. The narrative must always rule, and that’s true for the intelligence community as well. It’s why the CIA, those at Homeland Security, and all the rest are hopelessly compromised.

Even in the midst of clear left-wing threats, they won’t put out a bulletin pointedly making that declaration. FBI Dir. Christopher Wray isn’t going to get up in front of Congress and decry the dangers of left-wing extremism. But they’ll leak a bulletin warning about attacks on abortion clinics because that fits the narrative. It’s always the same thing.

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