CNN’s Tapper Hits GOP and Dems From Left on Abortion

He woke up on Sunday to enjoy State of the UnionCNN’s Jake Tapper, a CNN host, displayed his obvious sympathy with pro-abortion leftist views when he challenged both Republican and Democratic left-leaning guests on the topic.

Tapper spent the first segment challenging Mississippi’s Republican governor, Tate Reeves, over his state’s efforts to ban abortion, and then, in the second segment, treated Senator Kirsten Gillibrand to what amounted to a strategy session over how to thwart Republicans as the New York Democrat appeared as a guest.

The CNN host began his talk with Governor Reeves by invoking a Mississippi law that was passed in 2007 that would ban abortions except in case of rape or the mother’s life being in danger. Tapper did not tell viewers that Mississippi Democrats held both the state legislative houses at the same time. Instead, he focused his attention on incest and pressuring the Republican governor about the matter.

He suggested at one time that state laws against abortion shouldn’t be enforced, as the government doesn’t provide enough child support programs.

Tapper spent the entire segment dealing with Republican guests and asking them questions about the campaign to limit abortion. Tapper opened the interview with Senator Gillibrand with a preview of the more compassionate session that he would be giving her. Tapper acknowledged that Democrats had warned about the possible overturning of abortion restrictions after a brief clip of Gillibrand ranting. Roe v. Wade“Democrats have warned about this possibility since decades, frankly. It begs the question: Can lawmakers do anything to prevent it?

Following the racial attack on conservatives from the Democratic Senator, CNN’s host followed up with highlighting complaints of Democratic Governor Gavin Newsom that Congress Democrats had not done enough. He also played soundbites about the California governor berating fellow Democrats to the left.

As Senator Gillibrand stated towards the end, conservative Supreme Justices have lied about their views. Roe v. WadeTapper was sympathetically following up during confirmation hearings: “Oh! I know. Tapper said the Supreme Court justices had lied during their confirmation hearings, when they claimed that Roe v. Wadeis settled and established precedent. You are accusing them with perjury.

Although the Democratic Senator found it difficult to understand, the CNN host worried about the possibility that Republicans could react to a bill passing nationwide abortion legalization through bypassing the filibuster. The segment was otherwise typical of CNN’s dealings with Democrats: a friendly discussion about how they will counteract Republicans.

Tapper, who has been a pro-abortion advocate for many years on both Sunday morning and weekday shows, favors liberals in every way. The leadAs frequent Republican guests, Senator Susan Collins (Gouvernor Reeves) and Governor Reeves press from the left.

Democrats are treated to sympathetic forums, and, in the rare occasions when a conservative complaint against abortion has been brought up, Tapper has generally done so half-heartedly, allowing Democrats like former Virginia Governor Terry McAuliffe to spin, or Congresswoman Jackie Speier to just refuse to answer the question.

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CNN’s State of the Union

May 8, 2022

Eastern, 9:01

JAKE TAPPER: So Mississippi is one of the states that has a trigger law passed in 2007 that will ban all abortions except in cases of rape or in cases of where the mother’s life is at stake, with no exceptions for incest, if RoeThis decision has been overturned. It would be necessary for the state attorney to confirm that Roe v. WadeIt is now out of effect. Is Mississippi likely to apply the trigger law and ban abortions in these two limited circumstances if it rules as expected?


This country has seen before 1973 that banning abortion doesn’t actually stop abortion. It causes women and girls to look for safer methods to terminate their pregnancies. Your state department of public health reports that Mississippi is home to about 3500 abortions each year. Does the state have any idea of the consequences for these girls and women if the law becomes effective? Which number of unplanned pregnancies are likely to result in the delivery of children? Which will cause girls to die from unsafe methods? Are you able to do such an analysis?


Governor, I understand that you said you had done an analysis. Could you please tell us more details about this analysis? How did Mississippi arrive at its conclusion about 3,500 Mississippi abortions each year? Which of those women and girls will opt for unsafe abortions in the future? What number of these girls and women might end up dying? Which number could be injured, mutilated or killed? Was the analysis accurate?


Governor, I know you have been talking about it before. However, Mississippi has the highest infant mortality rate in the United States and the lowest rates of child poverty. Mississippi also doesn’t offer guaranteed paid maternity leaves. Mississippi lawmakers have rejected Medicaid expansion after the birth of their second child. A long-running federal suit is pending against your foster care system for failing to safeguard children from abuse. This conversation has been had between you and me before. You say that you would like to help mothers and children more, but have been in the state government since 2004. You served as the state treasurer and then became the lieutenant governor. Now you are the governor. You have a track record that is impressive in Mississippi. Why should these moms or daughters believe you?


Therefore, the 2007 snap back law has no exemption for incest. In other words, the Supreme Court will overturn it. Roe v. WadeThe state of Mississippi is going to force women and girls who have been the victim of incest to give birth to those children (sic). Can you please explain how this is happening?

REEVES. Well that will be the law since it was adopted by the Mississippi legislature back in 2007. Jake, I’ll tell you — this speaks to the extent that the Democrats in Washington are able to get on this issue. In 2007, we had a Democrat speaker of Congress and a Democrat chair of the Mississippi House of Representatives’ public health committee.


REVEALS: This particular piece of legislation was passed.

TAPPER : BUT WHY ARE YOU – Why is it okay in your state for girls who are incest victims to have to give birth to those child –children?

REVEALS: Jake, you are aware that over 92 per cent of abortions performed in America today are elective. You can see that less than one percent of abortions involve incest. It is time to talk about the potential in the future.

TAPPER – This is your law.

REVEALS: We can do this with the trigger law. However, this only affects a small percentage of abortions performed in America each year.

TAPPER – Okay. But that will be Mississippi’s law. I have a question for you. What happens to a fetus with serious or fatal abnormalities? Will it be allowed to survive outside of the womb. Mississippi is going to make those women and girls who are suffering from this tragic condition to have the baby to term. Is that what you are going to make them do?

REVEES: Jake, these are the exact questions we were talking about. They show that you are dealing with rare cases and a very small number of abortions overall. This is due to the fact that Americans are open to discussing overturning abortions, regardless of the results from polling. Roe v. WadeThe vast majority of Americans know that abortion laws in America are currently extreme. American abortion laws can be considered extreme relative to other Western countries.


REVEALS: Even if the Court didn’t overturn, we know this. RoeEven if it was not overturned by the Court RoeEven if Mississippi decided to keep the ban in place for 15 weeks, 39 of 42 European countries would have stricter abortion laws.


REVEALS: A majority of Americans favor restrictions on abortion that are fair and allow for the restoration of legality. Roejust going to bring back those decision-making process —

TAPPER: — To the States

REEVES — Back to all fifty state legislatures.

TAPPER: I am asking about your state’s law and what exceptions it offers to Mississippi girls and women who were incest victims, or who had fetuses with fatal or extremely serious abnormalities. This isn’t a common situation, but it does happen. That’s what I understand. I have spoken to many women who experienced this. They wanted to be able to have healthy children, but couldn’t. They would have to continue to bear it, the child until term. You have stated that life begins at conception. I’m curious about your philosophical views. Is that the moment of fertilization? Or the moment the embryo is implanted?

REVEALS. Life starts at conception. This belief is a core value of mine, which I have repeatedly repeated — and this knowledge will help me to understand the implications for birth control and other methods. Let me be very clear: I believe that the next phase for the prolife movement should focus on supporting moms with unplanned and unwanted pregnancies. Next phase in the pro-life movement will be to ensure that babies born live a productive and healthy life. It’s something I know there will be many conversations in America on, but it wasn’t something we focused on.

TAPPER: Does that mean that you believe that — that you believe that conception is the moment of implantation? Are you referring to that?

REVELS: I don’t think that is what I mean. What I’m saying is — again, this is a debate we can have once the actual Court has made their ruling once the actual words are on the paper. This is what makes this subject so complicated and frankly what makes leaks so bad. It is not clear what the Court will actually say. The chief justice, along with other court members, should give their opinions sooner than anticipated. This will allow those who are involved in the law and those who must deal with actual text on the pages to know exactly what the judges say. In the U.S. Constitution, there is no right of fundamental importance to have an abortion. Nothing in the U.S. Constitution prevents states from having abortion regulations or restrictions. That’s what the Court has ruled. We have only a leaky draft. There is no final — final resolution to the issue.

TAPPER It is not an abstract concept. You know that this is not the Louisiana state. I recognise Louisiana as a neighboring state. This is not an exaggerated statement. These are discussions taking place at the legislative level in your — your local area. To be precise, your intention is not to ban IUDs and Plan B.


This does not mean that you won’t arrest women or girls, but rather arrest doctors.

REVEES: I’m not sure that that’s true. If there is a statute that states that abortions are prohibited, then that’s fine.

TAPPER Experts argue that this could be used to any other court landmark, such as the same-sex marriage decision. Alito even references, you know, the Obergefell ruling that affirmed that right in his draft opinion. Do you think the U.S. Supreme Court should overturn the precedent that allowed same-sex couples to marry in the United States?


Governor, while it is certainly true that most Americans support legal abortion, with certain restrictions, the fact is that only two-thirds keep it.Roe v. WadeIn place. On any other note, we are grateful for Governor Reeves’ time.


9:24 a.m. ET

SENATOR KIRSTEN GILLIBRAND(D-NY): For one moment, I’d like to talk to America’s men. For 10 months, imagine that you don’t have authority over your body. (editing jump) It’s barbaric. It’s inhumane. This is unacceptable. It is unacceptable. I believe that every person in the country should understand this.

TAPPER – Welcome back to The State of the Union. Jake Tapper. It was Democratic Senator Kirsten Gillett of New York responding to the Supreme Court’s leaked opinion on abortion. This possibility has been a concern for Democrats since the beginning. It begs the question: Can lawmakers do anything to prevent it from happening? Senator Gillibrand joins us. Just now, Governor Tate Reeves said that Mississippi will ban nearly all abortions. This ruling is final. There are exceptions for rape if someone is charged or prosecuted, and also if it is a matter of life or death. Incest will not be tolerated. Was Governor Reeves a surprise to you?

GILLIBRAND (Interview): He was very paternalistic toward women. During your conversation, he indicated that women need education more. He made some very offensive remarks and doesn’t consider women citizens. They are no longer able to decide when it’s okay for them to have trouble and under which circumstances, how many kids they want, and at what stage of their lives. This governor, along with other governors and legislators in America, will take the draft opinion to its final form and refuse women fundamental decisions regarding their lives and families.

TAPPER: A few Democrats have responded the way you did, such as California Governor Gavin Newsom. But Newsom is also saying that national Democrats aren’t doing enough to stop this. Listen.

GOVERNOR GAVIN NEWSOM, D-CA: What the heck is my party? Are you looking for the Democratic party? Are you guys listening? (editing leap) Why don’t we stand more strongly and resolvely for our cause? We need to call this out. It is a well-organized, coordinated effort and they are definitely winning. They are. They always have. (editing leap) It is time to rise up. Is there a counter-offensive for this?

TAPPER: Senator, where’s the counter-offensive?


The Senate will vote on Wednesday to approve legislation codifying the Constitution, as you all know. Roe v. Wade. You know that Democrats do not have the votes. They do not have 60 votes to put it to the vote. I also don’t think you have 50 votes to make it pass. Senator Manchin is against it. The filibuster has been called out by you and others. Senate Minority Leader Mitch McConnell declared this weekend that he supports a ban on abortion in the United States. This means not sending it back, but ban it all over. It is possible to ban abortion in the United States if the filibuster for this bill is eliminated and the Republicans take control of Congress.


GILLIBRAND -…Four of the four justices I witnessed at the hearings have stated that precedent matters, and that it is the basis of the legal system. So if they feel that they can simply upend the precedent just because they don’t like it now, then this is inconsistent with what they promised to — excuse me — Senators who voted in their favor. You can see that Susan Collins and Lisa Murkowski both stated they believed their statements were in contradiction to what they had told them.

TAPPER: I’m sure. You said the Supreme Court justices of five lied during their confirmation hearings, when they claimed that Roe v. WadeIt is established law and precedent. You are accusing them with perjury.



Jake Tapper and The Lead

July 1, 2018.

JAKE TAPPER (to Maine Republican Senator Susan Collins): A lot of women around the country are looking to you right now — almost seven in 10 women, according to a new poll, want Roe versus WadeTo keep your integrity. How do you respond to women who ask, “What’s the point?” What are your plans to defend this right?”?


People who are pro-abortion rights will put pressure on you. One of their thoughts about you is that these judges play you. So if Trump nominates someone from this 25 list, that’s likely to become one of your most lasting legacies. It is possible that you voted in confirmation of a justice that eventually tilted the balance of power, political power, at the Court. Roe.


State of the Union

December 16, 2018.

Eastern, 9:09

TAPPER (to Senator Collins). Planned Parenthood’s Political Wing tweeted you a link from an liberal website calling you, quote “delusional”, for thinking this (Justice Brett), Kavanaugh support abort rights — uphold Roe v. WadeIn the future. You have the opportunity to reply.


The lead

April 22, 2019,

4:47 p.m. ET

CBS News reports that 67% of Americans believe the Supreme Court should be kept. Roe versus Wade28 percent support the overturning of the Supreme Court. Pew Poll found that 65 percent agreed. Roe versus Wade. Why would Republicans do this if the overwhelming majority of Americans don’t agree with these bans? Roe v. Wade overturned?


The lead

April 31, 2019,

4:48 p.m. ET

There is good news for abortion rights supporters, particularly in Missouri. But, the joy might not last long. Please stay with us.


State of the Union

April 30, 2021

9:23 a.m. ET

Interview with Senator Kirsten Gilibrand (D–NY).

A case involving a Mississippi law, that would prohibit almost all abortions within 15 weeks of conception, is being heard by the Supreme Court. This is approximately two months before. Roe v. WadeLegalize. Are you worried that the Supreme Court, which has a 6-3 majority of conservative justices will make legal? Roe versus Wade?


State of the Union

June 6, 2021

9:39 a.m. ET

Interview with Governor Tate Reeves, R-MS

What do you tell a Mississippian that a Mississippian has raped a child?”?


State of the Union

December 5, 2021

9:00 a.m. ET

In opening tease: Roe at Risk: Nationwide Protection for Abortion is in Danger as the Supreme Court examines the Mississippi case which could lead to its overturn Roe v. Wade. Millions of American women could lose the constitutional right to an abortion.


Interview with Governor Reeves

9:18 a.m. ET

The country was here before 1973. What happens is that women with the means can still get abortions. However, women who are poor, young, and vulnerable often seek abortions in ways which could cause severe injury, mutilation or even death. Recognize that some women will be seriously injured, and some may even die from this action.


This move is clearly part of the culture of living, as you have said previously. Mississippi ranks 50th nationally in infant mortality. Mississippi ranks near the bottom when it comes down to childhood hunger. A recent Annie E. Casey Foundation study on what children need to flourish found that Mississippi is 50th among 50 states. It looked at child well-being, education, health, family, and community. These statistics are a good example of how to compare Mississippi’s culture with its actual life.


State of the Union

December 12, 2021

9:42 a.m. ET

(Interview with Senator Amy Klobuchar, D-MN).

Some of the legal challenges to Texas’s ban on abortion can be brought before the Supreme Court. After six weeks, abortion is prohibited. This ban applies to women who are not aware they are pregnant. The law also delegated enforcement authority to private citizens. This law can be kept in force. If you had the chance, how would that change your reactions? What do you fear? I’m sure you have expressed concern about what might happen. Roe v. Wade.

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