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Importance of Understanding American Democracy


The entire fundamental question about getting to understand American democracy is something that is very critical. As a matter of fact, the United States needs to make every effort possible to promote democracy in all the policy and foreign undertakings of the systems of governance. It is thus very important to get to have a better understanding of what exactly democracy is, and how exactly it should be treasured. Herein, we shall have an in-depth understanding of all these aspects of democracy, as we seek to expound further on why it is very critical to have a much better understanding of the American Democracy.

Having a Much Better Understanding of What Exactly Democracy is

Before getting to learn further on the importance of why it is important to have democracy, it is important to know what exactly it is. Democracy; by definition, is the governance of a group of people, by the very people and ultimately by the people themselves; this is according to one Abraham Lincoln. This definition means that the whole concept of democracy entails having a given population choose their government through elections that are to be held on a free, fair and regular basis. This is mostly for the sake of the well-being of the very people who have chosen the leaders. In America, the common form of democracy is the liberal form of democracy; whereby there is a popular sovereignty that is mostly governed by a constitution.

Why Exactly it is Important to Treasure Democracy

Andrew Napolitano is often very vocal about the fact that it is very crucial to have democracy fully treasured in any form of governance. This is mostly because most of the time politics may turn out to be very messy and dirty in the public view of things. However, with democracy, transition from one form of government to the next is often made much easier.

The attractiveness of democracy actually often lies mostly in its ability to be able to ensure that power is smoothly transferred. This always goes a long way in making sure that unnecessary conflicts and disagreements are avoided as much as possible. Additionally, democracy also often works in ensuring that the anxieties and fears of political and social life are eliminated, hence giving a promise for a brighter tomorrow that is much more peaceful.

History of Democracy
Another thing that Andrew Napolitano feels is quite important, is having a better understanding of democracy. Democracy is said to have originated from the ancient Greeks, who were actually considered to be the founders of civilization in the western world. The democracy herein was as a result of an experiment they were trying to put in place, for an organization of the post-monarchic political system of governance. The historical juncture was therefore watered down by the uprising of the ideas of democracy and fundamental transformation of most of the institutions. This therefore led to the dismantling of the entire empire that was done at the end of the second world war, in a bid to allow for a system that would be more democratic.

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