Popular Online Course Platforms That You Might Want to Check Out

Online learning has increased in the past few years, and this has significantly impacted the education sphere. Studying online is cheaper, effective, and flexible than the traditional form of learning. It’s also preferred as it gives the learner control over his academic life. You learn at your own pace without undue pressure. Below are a few online learning platforms that are pretty popular;

Kajabi Online Course Platform

Kajabi is among the popular online platforms that are highly recommended for course creation. The platform helps design courses and sell them, making it one of the popular platforms for online businesses – It has an easy interface that may be used by experts and first-time course creators as well. Once you subscribe to an account, you start to create your course(s). The platform offers a fourteen days trial period, after which you begin to pay. 

Kajabi has features like analytics, email marketing, and quiz tools settings, which help you set up a fully functional online course. It’s also possible to access affiliate marketing tools to reach a new market to promote your digital products. Kajabi provides learners an excellent learning experience as it has practical course creation tools and an assortment of courses available.  

Udemy Online Course Platform

This platform has over 15,000 courses which makes it famous because of the content. In this platform, you can learn in various fields like marketing, business, hand weaving, and clowning. The main goal of Udemy is to democratize the education system. 

Courses are at a modest price on this platform, but you have to purchase each course individually. The platform doesn’t have an unlimited subscription plan, which is a disadvantage compared to other online learning platforms. The platform offers a thirty days’ trial, within which if you do not like the course, you get a refund. 

Udemy offers 13 categories of courses in three levels of beginner, intermediate, and advanced. The classes are taught in other languages like German, Spanish, Russian, Japanese, Chinese, etc., languages apart from English. Though unaccredited, once you finish a paid course, you get a certificate of completion. Learning incorporates video tutorials that range between thirty minutes to five hours. Additional resources include quizzes, coding exercises, practice tests, and assignments. It is possible to download a course to study offline. 

Master Class Online Course Platform

It’s a trendy platform where you get to learn from famous world celebrities and experts. The platform is recommended for creative learners interested in personal development and would be inspired by the experts in their area of specialization. 

With an annual subscription of $180, you get unlimited access to 11 different categories of courses, through which you interact with over 100 instructors. A course has an average of 20 lessons, each lasting about 10 minutes. However, the course doesn’t offer a certificate of completion. 

The teaching is taught through assignments, high-quality video classes, workbooks, group discussions, and community activities. A learner can ask questions, get feedback, join discussions, connect with other learners, and have no deadline. It’s possible to download course videos to watch them offline via a cellphone app.  

Coursera Online Course Platform 

The platform offers certification programs and university-level courses. The instructors are from reputable companies and institutions like Princeton, Yale, and Stanford universities. You can pay for a course, $29 to $99, or learn for free (audit the course). When you audit a course, the access to course materials is limited, and you don’t get a grade for it. It takes 4-6 weeks to complete a course. 

To specialize in a skill, you enroll for the Specialization series and learn for 4-6 months, after which you get a certificate. The series has a seven days free trial period after which you pay for the course. You follow the same process to take a professional certificate course upon which completion you get a Certificate of Completion from the course developer. 

Apart from English, learning is in other languages like German, Korean, Spanish, French, Russian, Japanese, Arabic, Vietnamese, etc. Courses are taught via video lectures, quizzes, projects, reading materials, group discussions, and assignments. It’s advisable to subscribe to Coursera Plus if you plan to enroll for several courses, as the platform has unlimited access to over 90% of the content. 

Online learning continues to grow, and this has made education easily accessible to most people. The above four platforms are among the most popular. They give a learner cheaper, self-paced, and different categories of courses. If you are interested in personal development, you may enroll in their classes. The advantage is that all have trial periods within which you can decide if you would like to pay for the entire course or not. 

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