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Importance of Music in Culture

Diego Ruiz Duran loves music. He loves that it is an art form that enables people to create beautiful tunes and songs that many enjoy and can relate to. When it comes to the role of music in culture, music is quite significant. All cultures across the world hold music close to their heart and have their form of music that is unique to or functions as a form of identification for their culture and traditions. For people that struggle with communicating or sharing with others, music helps with this. It allows people to communicate feelings that they otherwise would not know how to express. Music is essential to people for a myriad of reasons, but its importance will be further explored related to culture.

Firstly, in culture, music acts as a method of expression. Not only can musicians and artists fashion lyrics and notes for their means of expression, but music can also be used in culture. It is used to express and explain aspects of the culture and traditions of that particular place to which it will belong. This expression can come forth through movement and dance. For example, salsa music speaks to the Spanish culture, originating in Eastern Cuba, and is coupled with the salsa dance. Once you hear that beat and observe the dance, you can easily identify it as Hispanic culture. The dance helps to express the mood that the salsa should evoke and what is culturally acceptable as it relates to the salsa in terms of dress and movement. Expression also comes in the form of the language used in the music, which will tie it specifically to its cultural origin. People love that music also expresses events unique to a particular culture and time and tells the stories of cultural events.

Secondly, music is also important to culture as it is key to celebration across cultures. Music is culturally tied to every celebration all over the world. Holidays worldwide are accompanied by their distinct tune and song, which binds them to their cultural origin and tells the tale of that culture. One can find festivals in countries all over that have festivals and celebrations with music at the fore. Even celebrations such as birthdays, weddings, and funerals all have their own music and tune unique to the occasion. Even if the music varies across countries, they all have specific music that identifies these occasions, which we all hold close. People love the sense of connection with culture and identity they feel from music. Though a criminal lawyer, Diego Ruiz Duran always has time for the excitement and cultural bond that comes with music, which is enjoyed by all.

It is hard to trace back to a time when music did not function culturally, whether to tie people together in fun and celebration, pass on the story of their struggle and resistance, or tell achievement. Music links us to our culture and our identity. It’s a way to unite and bring people together in solidarity.

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