‘I’m Trying To Hold It Together’: MSNBC Host Gets Verklempt Over Threat to Democracy

This is not Jonathan Capehart with a cold/flu/COVID moment. The MSNBC host is also at it. Washington Post Editorial board member. He was utterly silent on the show today as he ponders over Donald Trump’s alleged threat against American democracy.

During a segment on the coming anniversary of the January 6th Capitol riot, Capehart got choked up, saying. “I am trying to keep it together right now.” His guests were Democrat Congresswoman Madeleine Dean, Capitol Hill police officer Harry Dunn, and DC Mayor Muriel Bowser. The segment was ended by Capehart, who expressed her concern about the possible threat to democracy.



MADELEINE DIN: It is my fear that it will be too late if we do not get to the bottom, and if the truth doesn’t come out, We are in danger of this happening again.Our democracy will be at risk if we fail to speak truth to power and expose the lies. That is not an exaggeration. That would have been a shocking thought 15 years ago. Now I see the fragility of democracy as a precious and fragile experiment. We can’t uphold democracy, point out truth, and expose lies if we do not. We could witness this again.I worry about my children and grandchildren.

JONATHAN CAPEHART : Um, [pause, voice choked with emotion] Right now I need to stay togetherBecause this conversation is —

HARRY DUNN: [Trying to comfort Capehart]That’s all. I believe that that’s the end of it.

CAPEHART I was shocked by your response to my question.This is a testament to professionalism. You can still wear that uniform, and you protect those who take your life as a given. Your service is greatly appreciated.

DUNN – Thank you.

CAPEHART. Mayor Bowser has known us for many years. Your leadership, both during this time and continuing, has been remarkable and impressive. 

Congresswoman Dean was a constant voice of clarity throughout all this.It is my hope that your fear, which I also share, will be unfounded. The thing that makes me angry is the fact that I do not believe it to be. 

PS. Capehart also donned the fright-wig Friday. PBS NewsHour, proclaiming that Congress needs to shred the filibuster to pass Democrat “voting rights” bills. “Any of the consequences that might result from removing filibuster won’t pale in comparison.” That’s how — that’s how dire I think the situation is. Call me alarmist but I prefer to be proactive than passive.

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