If You Are Defending Abortion Because It Reduces Medicaid Expenses It Is Quite Possible That You Are Evil – Opinion

Overturning the decision of the US Supreme Court Roe vs. Wade Casey or Planned Parenthood?It is one the biggest victories for justice and morality since. Brown vs. Board of Education. To the Court’s everlasting credit, it demolished the fiction that abortion was a Constitutional right and that functioning societies had ever endorsed the killing of babies.

Since that time, we’ve seen the pro-abort left ratchet up several lines of attack they’ve used in the past. They’ve falsely claimed that pro-life people don’t care about babies once they are born. They’ve stepped up their assault on crisis pregnancy centers. The new one is a rare find. Huffington Post: The GOP doesn’t care about the deficit if it means women have more babies

Many Republicans hailed the Supreme Court’s Dobbs decision as a victory for one of their highest-profile priorities: ending abortion. But it comes with a string attached — more federal spending, which Republicans usually hate.

House Budget Chairman John Yarmuth (D-Ky.) said he’d like to see Congress’ fiscal umpire, the nonpartisan Congressional Budget Office, put pen to paper on the impact of Dobbs.

“I would welcome a CBO score as another way to qualify the damage the Dobbs decision will do to women across the country,” the Kentucky Democrat told HuffPost.

But for a party that has been so quick to raise the alarm on federal spending over programs like expanding the child tax credit, Republicans are noticeably quiet about the financial cost that outlawing abortion will have.

It is not clear how much Dobbs would increase Medicaid spending. CBO previously estimated that legislation restricting access abortion would raise births and help boost Medicaid spending.


Those increases, though, have been relatively small compared to the program’s overall outlays. A House Republican bill in 2015 to defund Planned Parenthood would have increased Medicaid spending by $650 million over 10 years. The 2017 GOP bill restricting abortion after 20 weeks would have raised Medicaid spending by $175million over 10 years. However, the increase in spending could have reached $335 million if there were more pregnancies than expected.

Dobbs’ impact may be several orders of magnitude higher. Taking the Kaiser estimate of $18,865 in birth costs, multiplying that by consulting firm Sg2′s high estimate of extra births and assuming the proportion of Medicaid deliveries stayed the same, the annual tab would be about $1.3 billion a year, or $13 billion over 10 years.

It is a paradox. It claims that Republicans don’t really care about the deficit. At the same time, it can roll in the “Republicans don’t care about children after birth” garbage by pointing to Republican opposition to Biden’s perpetual “child tax credit.”

It is absurd to compare human life with the deficit. If we take this argument to its logical conclusion, we can say that Republicans don’t care about the deficit because they don’t support mandatory euthanasia. According to estimations, more than 25% of Medicare expenses are in the last year. Medicare represents a greater share of healthcare spending ($829 Billion annually for Medicare and $671 Billion for Medicaid). We shouldn’t kill children based only on their cost of birth. Instead, let us go full hog and begin killing the old when they get sick. This would also save millions on Social Security benefits.

It overlooks approximately $400,000 of taxes that are paid each year by one million taxpayers over the course of a lifetime. The potential wealth not generated by 60 million Americans killed in wars since 1979 is ignored. RoeIt was incorrectly resolved. This misses families created by half-century-long abortions and never-born children.

Submitting abortion to quantitative analysis doesn’t even begin to take into consideration the damage done to our society by the corruption of its morals by abortion. It ignores the psychic cost inflicted on women and men who’ve made the awful decision to kill a child for whatever the reason. You can’t run a cost-benefit analysis on human life because it is God-given. It doesn’t matter if the life is that of an unborn baby or someone in an ICU. The preservation of life is our obligation.

Many people believed at one point that pro-aborts could be good-intentioned but misguided. After the death of Roe, we’ve learned that we were wrong. They are evil and even demonic. It shows they never cared about “bodily autonomy” or the other bullsh** they slung about; they were really for killing babies.

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