Man Ratioed Into Oblivion for Complaining About Lack of Diversity in Miss Scotland Photo

“Spoiler alert, most of the contestants in China are also Chinese.”

A man complaining about the lack of diversity in a photograph depicting contestants for the Miss Scotland 2019 pageant was heavily mocked after his tweet went viral last week.

The photo, which was also shared to the Miss Scotland competition’s Instagram account in mid-April, shows 18 finalists – most of whom appear to be white women.

Iain Robertson, a resident of Glasgow who frequently espouses woke stances on Twitter and announces his pronouns (he/him) in his bio, took a dig at the racial makeup of the contestants.

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“delighted to see such a diverse lineup for miss scotland this year,” Robertson, an advocate for feminist causes, quipped in a viral tweet.

But Robertson’s complaint didn’t go over so well with the Twitter audience and resulted in him getting “ratioed” – a term used to describe when a user’s tweet receives significantly more comments, usually negative, than likes and retweets.

Numerous users criticized Robertson for failing to consider that Scottish demographics, and not racism, were likely to blame for the lack of “diversity” in the Miss Scotland photo.

According to Scotland government data, only 4% of the population are ethnic minorities. The overwhelming majority of Scots are ethnically white.

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“Spoiler alert, most of the contestants in China are also Chinese,” wrote conservative actress Mindy Robinson in a tweet that received more likes, 9.8 thousand, than Robertson’s original.

“I also hate that Trump only allows people from inside our universe to participate in Miss universe contests. He is so racist,” read one commenter’s tongue-in-cheek reply.

Other users made visual arguments to counter Robertson’s point:

In a followup tweet, Robertson clarified that his criticism wasn’t “directed to the women in the image” and said he wished “them all the best with Miss Scotland.”

But the hits kept coming:

Critics of progressivism argue that its adherents’ identity politics-mindset is negatively affecting conversations about race. Many conservatives are frustrated with what they view as progressives’ fixation on microaggressions and an intolerance for views that diverge from politically correct orthodoxy. In addition, some argue that an insistence on viewing every facet of culture through an identity politics lens blinds progressives to facts that explain many so-called racial “injustices.”

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