How to Reach Your Customers with SMS Marketing

What does SMS marketing represent? It means that a certain company is trying to reach potential clients precisely by utilizing this method. It is an efficient and affordable way to attract new consumers.

A good thing about it is that you can effectively do that no matter where they are. According to some recent studies, this type of marketing has the biggest engagement rate in comparison to others.

Approximately, more than ninety percent of messages are being read within two to three minutes. Does this mean that this strategy leads to success? Surely, if done in the right way. We will provide you with some tricks that will help you gain more customers in no time!

Ways To Engage More People Via SMS

Seek Permission

Now, this isn’t something that you’re forced to do, however, if you do not want to be too direct and pushy, and more subtle, it would be recommendable if you did it. Creating campaigns that seem too fake and artificial is going to push potential consumers away.

Instead, you should try to nurture your relationship with them because they do not want to be continuously bombarded with different commercials. Although a lot of people are constantly doing something on their cell phones, they still need some personal space.

Therefore, it would be advisable if you ask for their permission for starters, before you start “attacking” them with a plethora of SMS marketing attempts. How can you acquire their permission?

  • Ask potential clients to check over an opt-in designated box. This is similar to those newsletter alternatives when someone either accepts or not when they sign up.
  • You can for instance ask them to type either YES or NO and send it to a certain number if they (don’)want to get more info about some interesting promotions.

Less Is More

Is there a magical number that can determine the number of proper SMS messages? Well, according to marketing gurus at an optimal amount revolves around four to five messages per month. Then you can start slowly increasing it to ten.

However, you should bear in mind that these messages must be meaningful and have a certain purpose. The whole point is to present a product/service/promotion in the right way and not to just send a bunch of useless messages that have no actual meaning.

Closely monitor your consumers to uncover their preferences and sweet spots and then shower them with things that will keep them curious and interested in your company. Make sure to also involve frequency in your messages so that they can know how frequently they will receive SMS from you.

More Top-Notch Ways To Reach Clients

Create A-List

You cannot rely on SMS marketing providers to supply you with numerous cell phone numbers. That’s something you have to do on your own. You need to build a high-quality list of people that are actually open to this form of marketing and communication.

If you just randomly add someone, that strategy is going to be nothing more than a waste of time. Instead, utilize your marketing in various different channels, such as social media or print advertisements to create your list. 

Build An SMS Marketing Team

This isn’t something that happens in a blink of an eye and you cannot hire just about anyone. You need someone who is experienced and skilled in order to get the best SMS marketing strategy.

Unfortunately, it’s not easy to come across these types of people, however, if you’re looking to develop a first-class team, you’ll be needing: a retail professional, an SMS marketing program whiz, digital inventive designers, a social media guru, a discount and ROI budget analyst, someone who is familiar with promotions, and many others.

All these areas must be properly organized and the entire team must be focused on communication, developing marketing plans, strategies, and how to execute them in the right way. If your team is well coordinated and complete, you will easily achieve success. 

Keep It Short

Long and complex messages may be too exhausting to read, so make sure to create something that is short, direct, and engaging. If you insist on sending lengthy messages, eventually your consumers will get tired of them.

Each SMS has approximately 160 characters, so it would be recommendable if you didn’t go over that limit. Instead, keep it short and fun and go straight to the point. Any other option is redundant.

SMS messaging is still one of the most used forms of communication, even though today you have numerous types of messengers at your disposal. With this method, you can easily attract new consumers. Just be smart about it and implement some of these tactics and your business will soon start to thrive.

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